FBI Move Investigation to Boston Bombing Suspect's Home

Federal agents continue search for evidence as burial controversy erupts across nation.
1:46 | 05/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI Move Investigation to Boston Bombing Suspect's Home
The Boston -- federal agents were back at the home of one of the alleged Boston bombers the older brother. Tonight what are they looking for and it comes just as the uncle. Who appeared stunned after the bombings provides at the funeral home in a town where many are saying go away. ABC's Cuban leaders on this case again tonight. Investigators spent part of the day searching the apartment Carolyn Thorne I have shared with his wife Kathryn Russell. Looking for any clues about who -- and his brother to -- -- Might have been in touch with before they allegedly bombed the Boston Marathon. This as controversy looms over -- and body. The funeral home has not yet found a cemetery that will accept the body in fact cemeteries across three states have refused to take it. Just hours ago -- -- uncle arrived at the funeral home to help prepare the body for burial by first washing according to Islamic custom. At this person needs to be there. That's what tradition requires. Religion was his best what -- Protesters had gathered at the -- funeral home starting Friday demanding the body be moved. He didn't -- -- settlement taking can't -- -- not fan the funeral director stands by his decision to help bury the body. I think they come here in America and -- trade. We know these people and get tickets and -- -- college. And coming give him enough time Tammy -- mother in Russia has long been expressing concern over her son's -- -- could be very long time ago. And while the funeral director has not been able to find a burial -- in Massachusetts. He says he's received offers from people in other states to provide a break and help pay for the funeral expenses. And David we've heard from so many people in Worcester who were just uncomfortable to have him buried there.

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{"id":19114416,"title":"FBI Move Investigation to Boston Bombing Suspect's Home","duration":"1:46","description":"Federal agents continue search for evidence as burial controversy erupts across nation.","url":"/WNT/video/fbi-move-investigation-boston-bombing-suspects-home-19114416","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}