FBI scours for evidence in high-speed chase

The UPS driver who was killed after a hostage situation and police shootout in South Florida on Thursday was identified as Frank Ordonez.
3:47 | 12/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI scours for evidence in high-speed chase
Meantime, the rampage in Pensacola is the second deadly attack at a Navy facility in three days. Tonight, new reporting about the attack in pearl harbor. The associated press is reporting the sailor was unhappy and was going through counseling. Killing two before taking his own life. And new reporting after the deadly chase and shootout near Miami. Thieves hijacking a ups truck. Two innocent victims caught in the middle. The driver, a father, covering for another driver on that route. And a bystander shot and killed as well. Victor Oquendo on the scene again tonight. Reporter: Tonight as the FBI scours for evidence, we're learning more about that deadly south Florida chase and shootout in the middle of rush hour that left four people dead and families of the innocent victims outraged about the police response. It started with an attempted robbery at this jewelry store more than 20 miles away in coral gables. Suspects Lamar Alexander and Ronnie Jerome hill then hijacking the ups truck, taking the driver, frank Ordonez, hostage, fleeing on the Florida turnpike and interstate 75 and then local streets. The suspects firing back at an armada of police. This is an area that's very, very crowded, nothing but choking traffic he's about to get into. Reporter: TV choppers tracking every move. The truck jumping sidewalks and running lights before finally getting stuck in a traffic jam. Police have guns drawn in that area. This is pretty dangerous with so many other cars around. Shots fired. Yeah, shots have been fired. We're watching this unfold. Through the windshield. Reporter: Motorists caught in the crossfire. You hear me screaming in the video, duck down, get down, lay low. Because I thought we were going to get hit. Reporter: Officers using bystanders' vehicles to take cover. The suspects, dead, along with along with Richard Cutshaw, who was in his car nearby and that ups driver, frank Ordonez. He was just 27. Covering another driver's route. He leaves two young daughters behind. I know for a fact, 100% sure, that he probably talked to them and said you guys can stop this and get out. Reporter: What does the family want? Justice. Reporter: Ordonez's stepfather believes officers mishandled the situation and are responsible for his death. He was murdered. He was murdered. What else can you call it? Reporter: It's unclear if the two were killed by suspects or police fire. The miami-dade police director offering condolences to the family, and promising a full investigation. The people responsible are the two gentlemen that committed the crime in our community. Victor, on the scene there in Florida. More than a dozen officers fired their weapons. And investigators still trying to figure out who was shot by the perpetrators and who was shot by the police? Reporter: That will be a key part of the investigation. The FBI has taken the lead, looking at protocol and who fired first. We don't know what was happening inside the ups truck. Law enforcement trying to piece this deadly and tragic incident together.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"The UPS driver who was killed after a hostage situation and police shootout in South Florida on Thursday was identified as Frank Ordonez.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67556657","title":"FBI scours for evidence in high-speed chase","url":"/WNT/video/fbi-scours-evidence-high-speed-chase-67556657"}