Fear grows over potential ‘superspreader’ events

As many states ease COVID-19 restrictions, some fear potential new outbreaks as people attempt to get back to their normal lives.
2:52 | 03/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fear grows over potential ‘superspreader’ events
Now to the latest on the pandemic and growing fears tonight about superspreader events. Atlanta officials telling fans the stay away from gatherings surrounding this weekend's NBA all-star game. South Florida bracing for spring breakers, many maskless as covid weary young people head for the beaches there. Those concerns among really good news we've just heard in the vaccine rollout. A new reported record -- 29 million reported shots administered in just one day. More mass vaccination sites going live in several states. Here's ABC's elwyn Lopez in Atlanta. Reporter: Tonight, scenes like this across the country -- spring breakers flocking to beaches and bars, sparking fears of another deadly coronavirus surge. Florida already seeing huge crowds of mostly maskless partiers. This popular party hot spot in ft. Lauderdale banning anyone from out of state younger than 23. They're going a great job with masks. I think it's kind of silly. Reporter: Here in Atlanta it's NBA all-star weekend. The game closed to the public, but despite officials urging t-of-towneo stay home, thousands descending on a city still at risk. Georgia ranking dead last for vaccinations per 100,000 people. Many businesses taking precautions. Takes their temperature just like that. If it's above 99 then it beeps too loud, we don't allow hem to enter. Reporter: These fans flew in from Dallas hoping for normalcy. We decided, we got our shots, let's do it. Reporter: Do you think that pandemic fatigue is also contributing to that thought? Absolutely. Absolutely. Reporter: Arizona re-opening at full capacity. Texas and Mississippi dropping mask mandates all together. All three states have at least one of the highly contagious variants. Florida has three. We have seen this movie before. When prevention measures like mask mandates are rolled back, cases go up. Reporter: Vaccinations ramping up. The nation shattering a single day record with 2.9 million shots into arms reported. The javits center in New York City now open around the clock. I'm super glad that it's over with. And I got the one dose, so I don't have to come back here, so I'm ecstatic. The javits center among the places offering that Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine. Elwyn Lopez joins us from Atlanta. Elwyn, we know vaccinations are ramping up. You're learning officials are expecting enough doses for 130 million Americans by the end of March? Reporter: We know that in the last week nearly 20 million doses were distributed by the end of the month. Officials are expecting approximately 126 million more doses. Whit? Encouraging news.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"As many states ease COVID-19 restrictions, some fear potential new outbreaks as people attempt to get back to their normal lives. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76301080","title":"Fear grows over potential ‘superspreader’ events","url":"/WNT/video/fear-grows-potential-superspreader-events-76301080"}