Fear Inside a Nigerian School

Students face threats after hundreds are taken captive.
2:18 | 05/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fear Inside a Nigerian School
American experts and advisors have planted in Nigeria ready to help with the search for all those missing school girls and we noticed. There is new life and an old campaign tonight to remember the famous face -- Sean Penn. Justin Timberlake Ashton Kutcher with a message. Real men don't buy girls. It is rocketing around the globe once more and ABC's -- MacDonald is moving through Nigeria tonight to bring us the latest there. With the world watching Nigeria's president good luck Jonas in his on this so much pressure are believed that didn't -- now. A B is begins would be the beginning of the end of -- in nineteen. But there is evidence the violent tactics are winning. Today goes who escaped the mass kidnapping. That -- -- good described the terrifying ordeal right yeah and remind them they were told if you run. We will kill -- In the dusty young at this school today it is marching practice. The children turnout we pride. Despite the danger. Yes baby think that's maybe one day doing just comes those states do you actually feel scared. A few days kids. Because everybody's kids die -- I know -- Maybe there is fifteen years old -- school. Speaking -- -- But the terror group has made it actually goes have no place in the classroom. It's peaceful now -- just days ago a bomb tore through -- town. Killing twenty people a month ago Boca around attacked killing seventy for these children the threat is very real. They've seen so much bloodshed. Every time is a burst of loud noise -- school -- Is that reaction off like tiny -- here and that's even common unjustly accused even condos. Yeah two obstacles -- any. They may be afraid. But defiant. Standing by the kidnapped goals -- -- I just like us because speak to the ideals and -- Gap jeans. Anything -- same -- we also feel it's. There is solidarity. But tonight the missing girls need much more than that. -- McDonald ABC news young and a Nigerian.

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{"id":23647399,"title":"Fear Inside a Nigerian School","duration":"2:18","description":"Students face threats after hundreds are taken captive.","url":"/WNT/video/fear-inside-nigerian-school-23647399","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}