The Final Push Before Election Day

Clinton pulls out the big guns -- Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Pharrell, Marc Cuban and Jay Z -- to appeal to young voters and minorities.
4:14 | 11/05/16

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Transcript for The Final Push Before Election Day
We begin with several breaking stories. First, the race for president. The new ABC news tracking poll out tonight. Hillary Clinton, the full-court press. Her effort to reach young voters, and minorities. And Donald Trump, his children out across the country, as he barnstorms the battlegrounds. Hillary Clinton, 48%, Donald Trump, 43%. A very tight race. Cecilia Vega leading us off. Reporter: Hillary Clinton invited the man she calls a real billionaire to take on Donald Trump, and that's exactly what mark Cuban did. Do we want somebody who ripped off hard-working Americans? No! Reporter: Clinton asking the crowd to help convince undecided voters, even those that do not like her. Please, ask them to search their heart about what kind of country they want for their kids and grand kids. It's important they think about not so much me as themselves. Reporter: Overnight, Clinton acknowledging this election is making America sick. A know a lot of people are upset about what's gone on in the campaign, aren't there? I've had people say they can't sleep, their stomachs are bothering them, they have headaches. I think that's an important signal, because this is a big decision. Reporter: Her army of top surrogates moving across the map. Bernie Sanders, and president Obama mincing no words about Donald Trump's own words. Who calls women pigs, dogs, slobs. The problem is, he's done it so much that it's become almost Normal. It's like, suddenly, reality TV has entered into the race for the presidency. That's not right. It's not even survivor or the bachelorette. It's like some love and hip-hop stuff. Reporter: The president telling voters -- She's my friend. I trust her. Reporter: Bill Clinton joining in the fray in Colorado, going after Melania trump's speech against online bullying. We must treat each other with respect and kindness. I've never felt so bad for anybody in my life, as I did for his wife, going out, giving a speech, saying, oh, cyber bullying is a terrible thing. I thought, yeah, especially if it's done at 3:00 A.M. Against a former miss universe by a guy running for president. Reporter: In this final weekend, Clinton's political machine out in force. Nearly 1 million volunteers making calls and knocking on doors. And calling on her famous friends from pharell to Jay-Z. Thousands lined up for a ticket, distributed next to a polling site. This man picked up his ticket and then went to vote. And Cecilia Vega with us from Cleveland. Jay-Z and a concert for Clinton tonight. And they're saying there are some surprise guests? Reporter: The campaign says Lebron James will not be there. But is the surprise guest Beyonce? Hillary Clinton needs to reach as many people as she possibly can to get them to the polls. She's convinced the way to do that is with the star power here tonight. Thank you. And this is all about the battlegrounds.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Clinton pulls out the big guns -- Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Pharrell, Marc Cuban and Jay Z -- to appeal to young voters and minorities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"43317313","title":"The Final Push Before Election Day","url":"/WNT/video/final-push-election-day-43317313"}