Finding Treasures and Possibly Millions in Your Backyard

Couple finds millions in gold coins plus, where other treasure hunters struck it rich.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Finding Treasures and Possibly Millions in Your Backyard
Finally tonight, the search for hidden treasure in your backyard. We all remember the couple who found the gold coins buried near an old tree on their property. Well, there's a lot of other people digging for a fortune tonight. Here's ABC's Linzie Janis. Reporter: They're modern-day treasure hunters. Braving the extreme cold to sweep, scan and dig. It's an addiction. Once you get it in your blood, it's always there. Reporter: Rick savage, his wife, Rita, and their partner, bob, travel the country, scouting historical sites. You're looking for bullets. You're looking for artillery shells. Reporter: And these things are worth money? Absolutely. Reporter: And the reason Rick and his team chose this spot to dig, just a few yards this way, the battlefield of gettysburg. The soldier, did he die? Was he running from the battle? We got something. Reporter: You may recognize this colorful crew from the reality TV show, "Savage family diggers." Now, off the air, it captured their creative tactics, using backhoes to move the biggest finds. Even diving for treasure. Like this haul. They say it's pirate booty. Somebody's dinner plate. A piece of gold. Diamonds. Reporter: They pawned it for a tidy sum. 11,000. Reporter: And you can strike gold, too. Last month, a California couple finding $10 million worth of gold coins in their backyard. But this pastime is digging up controversy, too. Every artifact is like a page in the history of humanity. When you rip those pages out of the ground, it's hard to go back and read the back. Nobody can ever dig everything. Why leave the artifacts rotting and rusting in the ground? Reporter: Back in gettysburg, a little bit of treasure. Standard Yankee bullets. Reporter: Some trash. A smashed-up beer can. Reporter: But for these diggers, the thrill of the hunt is priceless. Linzie Janis, ABC news, gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

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{"id":22889689,"title":"Finding Treasures and Possibly Millions in Your Backyard","duration":"3:00","description":"Couple finds millions in gold coins plus, where other treasure hunters struck it rich.","url":"/WNT/video/finding-treasures-possibly-millions-backyard-22889689","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}