Fire and Ice Across the Country

Out of control raging wildfire out West and new blast of winter on the East Coast.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Fire and Ice Across the Country
Move on to fire and ice across this country from the tinderbox of the Big Sur in California. To the dangerous icy commute right here at home in the east ABC's meteorologist in Jersey tracking at all. Tonight we are tracking fire and ice from coast to coast. It's been a tricky Tuesday continued all over the north seats to all hi -- -- Couldn't stop -- to stop this is what it looks like on highways near Boston a tractor trailer off the road on the New York thruway. And in the northeast slips and slides through the third snow in -- Out west California is dealing with what could end up being the driest year on record. Near Big Sur California a smoky it's -- scene -- players gnawing away at 500 acres at least fifteen homes destroyed including that home right there. Owned by the. Big Sur fire chief it's just devastating to stand there watch -- home burned out. It's just it's not what you -- -- do that it. Was the first to burn and after the fire hardly anything left the fire is 5% contained and while the weather is starting to cooperate. The severe drought in California lives not. And we've already got our eyes on the next door this one happening late week through the weekend let me show you the threats especially down in the south of severe weather threat. That's for places like Louisiana Mississippi Alabama but on the northern and places like Chicago Michigan Indiana Ohio -- going to get right into that snow and ice. And eventually late weekend into next week it tracks right here. To the northeast Diane. Meteorologist ginger -- -- thank you ginger.

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{"id":21253895,"title":"Fire and Ice Across the Country","duration":"3:00","description":"Out of control raging wildfire out West and new blast of winter on the East Coast.","url":"/WNT/video/fire-ice-country-21253895","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}