Fire Kills Over 100 Factory Workers in Bangladesh

Clothing maker offers $1,200 per victim, promises investors blaze won't hurt bottom line.
2:16 | 11/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fire Kills Over 100 Factory Workers in Bangladesh
Wal-Mart and other American companies are looking at a tragedy overseas among workers making clothes for their stores to sell at Christmas. Thousands of people in Bangladesh poured into the streets today morning more than a hundred garment workers. Killed in an inferno over the weekend a factory with no fire exits. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has more. The test dream factory was a death threat and it was no secret. The fire broke out on the ground floor hundreds of workers were upstairs on a late night shift. Fleece jackets and trousers for the holiday -- in American stores including -- according to labor rights. Fire officials say the only way out was down open staircases that fit right into the flames some workers -- They jumped from higher -- Firemen have now recovered at least 112 bodies in what has become a grisly fact of life for workers in Bangladesh garment -- As we found in an ABC world news investigation earlier this year. Many of the best known American retailers including Tommy Hilfiger and the gap have been drawn to Bangladesh drawn by the cheapest labor in the world. As low as twenty -- cents an hour. Producing clothes and often crowded deplorable conditions that would be illegal most anywhere else certainly in. The US the cheapest place the worst conditions the most dangerous conditions for workers and yet orders continue to pour in. It turns out Wal-Mart inspectors warned last year that the factory had violations and or conditions which are deemed to be high risk. According to a document on the factory web site. Yet Wal-Mart closed continued to be made at the factory. According to workers' groups who found clothing with wal mart's private label faded glory in the burned out remains this weekend. Late today Wal-Mart confirmed one of the suppliers did use that factory to make their clothes but Wal-Mart -- for its tight control of -- supply chain. -- the order was placed with a troubled factory with out its knowledge. Violent Wal-Mart policies. On martz is -- far that supplier and its thoughts are with the families of those who died making their clothes and Brian thank you.

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{"id":17814929,"title":"Fire Kills Over 100 Factory Workers in Bangladesh","duration":"2:16","description":"Clothing maker offers $1,200 per victim, promises investors blaze won't hurt bottom line.","url":"/WNT/video/fire-kills-100-factory-workers-bangladesh-17814929","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}