Fires consuming swaths of California, from the north to the south

Officials said one person died in a wildfire that expanded overnight to 8,000 acres near the Oregon border
2:03 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for Fires consuming swaths of California, from the north to the south
Esumping from building to buding, devouring homess you can see. Dozens of them already feared lost. It comes as outbreak of fireve nowurned person killed in aire near the california/oregon border. ABC's will starts us off from California tonight.eporter: Tight California is burning from north to south. Flames in San Diego county engulfing rooftops, inciting hoinching closer to this interstate high winds helping sd embers from home to home deying everything in its pa homeowners caught off guard firefighters running through smokey subdivisions as other tried top it from jumping the interstate, cars just feet away from . East of Los Angeles, jan chop swooping in to douse flames spreading fast in 109-degreet. Thisze starting when a truck caught fire on a freeway. In northerlifornia nth Oregon border the situation turning adly, officials say one person died in a wir that eded overnight to 8,000 acres. And in Colorado, crews are still battling tt the uppend on a fire north of aspen that burnedee homes to the ground. Our Clayton Sandell spoke to O family there los 32 years worth of memories. At 12;30 you can still see the ts on in the house and when I came back at 5;30 this rn- lights. It was on the ground. It's or across can the wedry, hotonditions could mean a long road ahead for firefighters And will Carr joins us now. We saw in your report there, the firefighters running along highway,nd this on the hottest day of summer there? Rorter: That's right, Tom. It feels like iore than 100 degrees out right now. Are excess heat wags throughhe weekend, and that's bad news for both the firefighters and T residen in this region, Tom. Will Carr for us tonight. Will, thank you. We turn to tth breaking news. The hurricane threat in the la. The first hurricane of the season I churningowards Puerto Rico and sev neighboring islands. Many of thetill recovering from last ye devastating hurricanes and night, a second opical depression is gaining strength. ABC' seniometeorologist, rob Marciano is her with the track, and of the storms taking people by surprise. Nervesfrayed, and we'll talkabout Puerto Rico and the caribbean in a se. Tropical depression number three likely T become aropical storm. Now, baeryl is a category 1, we'll look at Dominica, and theyulget hit sy night, and Monday night, Puerto Rico tentially, hopefully it stays down te south, that trackds. P ical depression number three, stuck in between currents F the carolinad will probably become a hurricane, but looks to stay off the coast. If that forecast holds, we ar concerned about what may happen over the caribbean. We'll stay trackingh the St over the weekend. Thanks so much. We to the breaking news

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"Officials said one person died in a wildfire that expanded overnight to 8,000 acres near the Oregon border","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56414795","title":"Fires consuming swaths of California, from the north to the south","url":"/WNT/video/fires-consuming-swaths-california-north-south-56414795"}