Fires Rage on in California

Firefighters and families battle continuing inferno in West.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Transcript for Fires Rage on in California
the air tonight, we have pictures to show you what a wildfire really does as it tears through mile after mile in california. And not just the pictures, listen to the sound. That is the sound of the inferno, heading towards 3,000 homes. And it is not just there. It is one of ten states under siege tonight by dozens of fires abc's cecilia vega spent the day with families on the run and firefighters on the front line. Reporter: Look at tse flames looking high in the sky, torching tall pines snapping the tip of trees making day look like night. Our sacramento affiliate ktxtv shot the extraordinary images from the front lines of the inferno, so close up you could actually hear winds spanning the flames. Free trees more than 100-feet tall. Reporter: With more than 3,000 homes in the path of these flames and the fire only 35% contained, firefighters are battling the blaze every way they can. On the ground and in the air. One of the most difficult things about fighting this fire is the deep terrain out here. You can see, take a look at how steep some of these hillsides are which is making getting to the fire difficult for the firefighters. Also, they're relying on the helicopters to get in the hard-to-reach places to drop that water. And residents are doing all they can to get out of harm's way, no matter what or who they have to leave behind. Come on, baby. Reporter: Last night, we met eddie hamerle. She told us she was sick with worry about her house and the pets she couldn't save. We pray that we can get back to them. Reporter: Firefighters check on her home. It's still standing. And the cat -- oh, there's a cat inside. Today, we brought eddie the good news. Oh, that's such good news. Thank you so much. Reporter: But the worry is not over yet.

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{"id":17053124,"title":"Fires Rage on in California","duration":"3:00","description":"Firefighters and families battle continuing inferno in West.","url":"/WNT/video/fires-rage-california-17053124","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}