Fiscal Cliff: Let's Make a Deal

Inside Speaker Boehner's Sunday meeting at the White House and new signs a deal could be coming.
1:54 | 12/09/12

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Transcript for Fiscal Cliff: Let's Make a Deal
john boehner and the president. With just 23 days to go until the fiscal cliff, are they any clos closer? David kerley at the white house tonight. Reporter: For the first time in more than three weeks a face to face meeting at the white house. Today no cameras as the president sat down with john daner. Boehner. No details are announced tonight. They see progress. Any time you two guys in that tangoing, you have a change to get done. Reporter: Before the talk, some republicans were admitting the president will get a lot of what he wants. Let's face it, he has the upper hand on taxes. You have tpass something to keep that from happening. Reporter: Why the compromising words? The white house moderated demands. Word that the actual rate could be negotiable. Maybe not all the way back to 39.6%. Will I accept a tax increase as a deal to solve problems? Yes. Reporter: The problem, entitlement. And today, a leading democrat embraced the way to cut medicare cuts. Means testing. Those who make more would have to pay more for medicare. Nose of us with the higher income would have to pay more. That could be a solution. Reporter: "Saturday light live" suggested that republicans are bullying boehner in the cafeteria. Not a single member of his party is willing to share -- he didn't have any milk to drink because -- well, tell them why, john. They had taken my milk and thrown it in the garbage. Reporter: Comedy but was there progress today? Some reports are encouragement. They are putting out the same statement, they are being as tight lipped as possible.

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{"id":17920558,"title":"Fiscal Cliff: Let's Make a Deal","duration":"1:54","description":"Inside Speaker Boehner's Sunday meeting at the White House and new signs a deal could be coming.","url":"/WNT/video/fiscal-cliff-make-deal-17920558","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}