Flood Water Test Results

Dr. Richard Besser shares findings on the safety of the flood waters brought by Sandy.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for Flood Water Test Results
And also, back in action today, abc's chief medical editor, dr. Richard besser. He was gathering up flood water to test it for the safety of anyone who touches it. And tonight, he put it to the lab. He has the answers. Rich? Reporter: That's right. Yesterday, it was all about flood water. This is water that's in people's basements, it's water that's on the streets. So, I went down to lower m manhattan to collect a sample. As you know, it was loaded with gasoline. The ambient group lab tested it for bacteria and here's what they found. The yellow tells us it has bacteria. But look at this purple glow. That's sky high levels of sewage. All in all, the lab told us they found gasoline and two types of bacteria that are in sewages. It's very dangerous to come in contact with this. You have to wear protective equipment. Wear gloves, wear gloves, and, again, throw out anything. You are going to test drinking water, as well. Reporter: That's right. I'm getting questions about the drinking water. Today, I went to piermont, new york, to see what the water conditions are like. They've been very hard-hit. They are under a boil water advisory. That means their water may not be safe to drink without boiling or purifying with bleach. The storm knocked out one of their pumps. That means a big water pipe may have lost pressure and sucked back some of the dirty water from the outside. And the water company was testing. This home, they saw that advisory and they were doing the boiling and that's a good thing. This family, they are all set for halloween and me and my helper collected the water and the lab is doing testing on their home water today. And we'll have those results for you. And how long do you have to boil the water before it is safe? Reporter: You have to boil it for a full minute to ensure it is safe. Rolling boil, one full minute. Reporter: That's right.

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{"id":17612828,"title":"Flood Water Test Results","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Richard Besser shares findings on the safety of the flood waters brought by Sandy.","url":"/WNT/video/flood-water-test-results-17612828","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}