Floods Continue to Soak the Midwest

Rising waters in Minnesota cause mudslides and major damage.
2:49 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Floods Continue to Soak the Midwest
Meantime tonight all eyes on the rising rivers in the midwest many now bracing for more soaking rain on the way tonight rivers nearly cresting now in this is what it looks like on the ground tonight. This intersection in Pennsylvania completely under water and for so many families. This is their best weapon sandbags typically about thirty pounds you're about to see what we're told us the power of 125 sandbags in want. ABC's -- presence in the flood zone tonight he joins us live now from Saint Paul, Minnesota -- good evening. David good evening to you tonight the Mississippi River still spilling over its banks now we've all seen these kinds of sandbags used to try to keep the water out of -- -- -- Saint -- they have a new tool they're using to keep the water back you might call them -- sandbags. Across Minnesota tonight a fight to contain rising rivers -- some small communities already under water. In Saint Paul officials for the first time turning to a new weapon instead of traditional small sand bags which could take hours -- a small army to fail they are using these. -- -- -- A 125. Or so of these inside -- he's -- -- And these gets filled by the shovel and these -- filled by concrete -- Served nearly sooner or Minnesota heavy rains already triggering mudslides and part of this home completely wiped away by mud. And anything that discourage -- signaled that would be enough. For those rafters to break and everything to -- now. The whole state of Minnesota bracing for record floods hope you're okay this community empire lake doing all they can. To get ready I am overwhelmed with a bunch of great friends neighbors friends or friends who are helping try to save my house from the -- And officials here believe the Mississippi River may have reached its crest this afternoon -- FEMA is here and President Obama who happens to be in town. Has been briefed on the flooding situation the president reassuring people here that they will have a federal partner as the cleanup process begins David. All right -- express line in Minnesota tonight ginger you're nodding your and you know right -- Alex is standing and it doesn't look good the next 24 hour. Is now nine. Accumulation that will occur. Through Saturday -- seeing big yellow -- says. Not at Minneapolis but still even inch or two inches on top of where he was standing in Saint Paul that is not -- it's not just the rain that comes along here but also along the Gulf Coast we've seen even some severe weather threats with some of these heavy rainfall especially near Houston today. So severe weather threat yet tonight but then tomorrow I really want to focus in on because it starts to kind of reinvigorate itself and large hail strong winds -- -- tornadoes even possible. From the panhandle Oklahoma all the way to Bismarck was the meteorologist in dizzy watching it all as always thank you ginger.

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{"id":24326070,"title":"Floods Continue to Soak the Midwest","duration":"2:49","description":"Rising waters in Minnesota cause mudslides and major damage.","url":"/WNT/video/floods-continue-soak-midwest-24326070","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}