Florida Stand Your Ground Law Questioned

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on what he envisioned when he signed the law.
1:26 | 03/24/12

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Transcript for Florida Stand Your Ground Law Questioned
At Florida -- stand your ground. The shooter would use it as a defense we're now learning from -- and we wanted to know more about it hasn't backfired before and tonight -- former Florida governor Jeb Bush saying this is not what he envisioned. When he signed the law here's David Curley -- that. It's not just Florida asking questions about the controversy its danger ground law 24 states in all have a form of the law what is it. The law -- a citizen who feels threatened has no duty to retreat. And in Florida is immune from civil or criminal action if the force is considered justified. Doesn't work. That may depend on your position on the law in Florida supporters say violent crime is down. But after five years on the books a Florida newspaper found reports of justifiable homicides triple stand -- ground was invoked in 93 cases. As -- backfired again that depends on your position. Prosecutors who oppose these laws say that now police officers rather -- lawyers are deciding whether someone is charged with a crime or just stood their ground. In this case George Zimmermann was -- charged but former governor Jeb Bush who signed -- law. Says there's a difference between standing your ground and what happened here stand your ground mean stand your ground doesn't mean chase after somebody -- turn their back. -- -- attorney was saying that that was the case that he believed as well this law didn't apply. And now apparently he's changed his mind and will -- stand -- ground.

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{"id":15995360,"title":"Florida Stand Your Ground Law Questioned","duration":"1:26","description":"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on what he envisioned when he signed the law. ","url":"/WNT/video/florida-bush-jeb-trayvon-martin-zimmerman-stand-ground-shooting-law-15995360","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}