Florida Primary: Romney Celebrates

Mitt Romney addresses voters on projected win in Florida.
5:13 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Florida Primary: Romney Celebrates
The votes are in and Mitt Romney has won the -- that Republican presidential primary. It is the biggest state to vote so far. And it was a decisive win for the former governor ahead of -- closest rival Newt Gingrich were going to be hearing from Jon Karl who's with the Gingrich camp tonight but I wanted to straight. Two ABC's David Muir was -- Romney headquarters David. Great to see it Diane from Tampa and as you know this is a huge night for Mitt Romney you can see -- -- and -- up on the stage here behind me. Four of their sons behind her one of their -- the doctors and residency couldn't be here tonight. She often -- her husband's is about to give governor. It produced governor -- here who probably can't wait to hear from him. And I've got to tell you I heard moments ago from a senior strategist for the campaign. They say this -- and sewn up but they certainly. -- indicated to me that this is what they needed to propel them forward. They said at this -- A dynamic and events. Large enough that would change the race for Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum delivered very telling words it is lord no winner takes all state. Governor -- -- -- embracing his life and -- atop the crowd here in a moment and I can tell you Diane. -- -- sit back from taking up speaker Gingrich after this win to taking on President Obama again as he so often did on the stump. But these last 72 hours we took a break from that. Some thirty seconds -- just don't often taking on the speaker and -- -- now. It. Thank you. For the people in this room and that the people all of Florida thank you tonight for this great big. There. Are fewer candidates tonight then that when the race began. But three gentlemen. Are less serious and -- competitors and they're still in the race and I want to congratulate them on another hard fought contest in this campaign. Primary contests are not easy. And that -- supposed to be. As his primary unfolds our opponents in the other party have been watching. And they like to comfort themselves. He thought that -- that are telling me earlier today that when it comes to negativity tax he. -- is that NT and he's like that that's what he sits on secret so forcefully here. But as a mentioned a moment ago. Diana is expected to now -- -- back to the president as he moves on -- Nevada next o'clock -- coming this weekend he'll be in Nevada tomorrow will be there with him that you. Okay Dana bash thanks to you and I want to bring him the co anchor Good Morning America anchor of this thing George Stephanopoulos. So what does -- anything anything -- -- His race of the nomination right now. Nothing we can foresee on the horizon -- he is the all but certain nominee. Right now he's gotten back all the strings he had at the beginning of this primary process especially after that big victory in New Hampshire and Republican voters in this big state. Have decided he's the candidate that can be president. Obama look at these numbers going across these primaries that's what they care about most in Iowa big win for Mitt Romney and that -- even bigger. In New Hampshire but in South Carolina he took a blow Newt Gingrich pulled ahead on that score back here in Florida. On the factor most important Republican voters Mitt Romney is up -- and again and that's why. As David said he's gonna continue to go after President Obama now that he secured fla. OK stay with me for a second -- I check in now with John Carlin he's been with the Gingrich campaign let's in this scene there job. What's less -- here -- as you can imagine. Speaker Gingrich is back get a reception where this family has two daughters his wife Callista but I am told that he -- feels good tonight that he knew this was coming. That he's determined this is simply the first quarter of the game and in fact. Diane -- passed out these signs here. 46. States to go in other words Newt Gingrich -- not giving up after a big loss here and frankly a loss. Bigger than they thought they -- out here. -- -- -- -- -- I spoke to him this morning made it clear that he is gearing up for a long long fight against Mitt Romney just -- what -- said. How close this being over Mr. Big concert probably six months six months until you've gone. Among unless Romney drops -- room. What the Gingrich campaign is telling me right now despite this rather devastating loss here in Florida as the -- now. With -- one -- one race against Mitt Romney and they insist they're determined to go on Diane. Determined to go on in about six months a final thought it's not gonna take that long I don't think that it could take some time permit running to wrap this up but what he's done tonight. As -- every successful nominee does everyone takes a hit. Some -- could be a death blow but they come back from. George W. Bush did it Barack Obama did after Hillary Clinton beat in New Hampshire that's what happened -- Mitt Romney in South Carolina he's come back from that in Florida tonight. The question is do you take the hit and come back stronger trying to thanks so much George and as we said a very big night in the race for the nomination.

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{"id":15484448,"title":"Florida Primary: Romney Celebrates","duration":"5:13","description":"Mitt Romney addresses voters on projected win in Florida.","url":"/WNT/video/florida-primary-romney-celebrates-15484448","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}