Florida Primary: Romney Projected Winner

ABC News projects Mitt Romney will win Florida primary.
2:53 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Florida Primary: Romney Projected Winner
-- an NBC news. -- -- The -- -- crime. Reporting from election headquarters in New York Times. And George stuff and. And good evening we bring -- -- special report because the voters of Florida have spoken at ABC news is ready to project. That -- winner in the Florida primary is former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney that's -- -- his big win over new gators and Diane -- this big win. In the biggest most diverse state so far. Mitt Romney is back where he was before that loss. In South Carolina the undisputed front runner. And the all but certain nominee so they have switched places and South Carolina let's go right now to David Muir who is there at Romney headquarters where it. They are surging in Davis. -- Georgia gonna tell you they had their own countdown here to the rejection just moments ago that Mitt Romney has won here in Florida can tell you he's in the war room. Here the Tampa Convention Center extraordinarily upbeat and perhaps the most telling thing I heard servicing your campaign strategist just moments ago. They say David I can't imagine an event. The scope of which would be needed for Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. To change the dynamics of this race going forward they sound very confident they -- the calendar is now on their side they went to -- organization on the ground. In the next several states. They also pointed out to me that governor Romney has -- -- to any debates in the near future so they believe they clearly hold events -- moving forward. As they now had to Minnesota and Nevada first thing tomorrow but. Governor Romney expected to take the stage here a short time from now -- they'll be celebrating the victory would this room full of people. Who were cheering louder than -- could even speak here just moments ago -- Her right to be confident and we dug into the exit poll numbers and look at this the key thing that Republican voters and focused on this year's who can beat President Obama. It was a big advantage for Mitt Romney in we see that there any really open it up in New Hampshire fifteen point lead. Over Newt Gingrich -- look what happened South Carolina it reversed Gingrich had the advantage today in Florida Mitt Romney has -- back. He is the standard -- the Republican voters think can beat President Obama in November and that's what they care about most -- -- threat and I suspect we're gonna hear more singing from former governor Mitt Romney we've been hearing and singing America the beautiful I suspect. But it's going to be a huge night there when it comes -- to speak so the road ahead George -- litigator says he's gonna -- -- for another six months. And it is true they could take some time for Mitt Romney -- you get the delegates he needs to wrap it up. But he is on the path to the nomination right now four right now we are going to return you to your regular programming you can go to abcnews.com. For Georgia -- and of course the results through tonight and Nightline later as well. -- later.

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{"id":15484367,"title":"Florida Primary: Romney Projected Winner","duration":"2:53","description":"ABC News projects Mitt Romney will win Florida primary.","url":"/WNT/video/florida-primary-romney-projected-winner-15484367","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}