Flu Season Starts Early

Dr. Richard Besser shows you the smart way to protect you and your family from the flu.
1:12 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for Flu Season Starts Early
Now we turn to a health alert from the nation's top doctors. Flu season has begun weeks ahead of schedule and it's promising to be a bruising year for the flu. But abc's chief medical editor dr. Richard besser says there is a smart way to take care of your family tonight. Reporter: You may get something you don't want for christmas, a nasty flu. Today the cdc announced flu season, which usually starts in january, is already coughing and aching its way across america. The earliest flu season in a decade. The strain of flu that's most common so far this year, h3n2 has been associated with more severe flu seasons and more very young and very old people getting severely ill. Reporter: Five states, tennessee, mississippi, alabama, louisiana and texas already have widespread flu. Missouri and georgia aren't far behind. More people with fever than in some flues, body aches, sore throat, nasal congestion and headache. But there's good news. This year's flu vaccine is a good match to fight this year's bug. Which means you should be getting something else for christmas a little early. A flu vaccine. Dr. Richard besser, abc news, new york.

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{"id":17871570,"title":"Flu Season Starts Early","duration":"1:12","description":"Dr. Richard Besser shows you the smart way to protect you and your family from the flu.","url":"/WNT/video/flu-season-starts-early-17871570","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}