Fly Through Airport Security?

Experimental program offers passengers hassle-free experience.
3:22 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Fly Through Airport Security?
A big change in airport security one that signals those long slow lines could be a thing of the past. Since 9/11 we've all wrestled with our shoes and clothes laptops and liquids but the government said today. They're going to roll out a new program in 28 big airports with more cities to come. And ABC's senior national correspondent Jim -- -- loved Reagan airport in DC tells us what this program isn't that the country can still feel safe Jim. Good evening Diane the TSA says these frustrating security lines -- made flying safer. No new attacks but for many frequent flyers they've also taken the fun out of flying. So now a sea change to get by the end of the year the TSA says the era of -- -- screening may in fact be over. For air travelers that long slow moving security lines seems like proof. The terrorist one I've read particular places in my -- in my. -- stripped -- picking up belts and shoes cosmetics and laptops out of the van. Succumbing to pat down by a government that treated as all the -- Children old people. Even US senators all of -- suspected terrorists. I think it's an indignity we're going through -- not making it safer but now in more than thirty airports with the TSA is calling a new day. That's part of a fundamental. Shift in how we approach aviation security. From Boston -- New York in the northeast to Miami and Atlanta in the South Chicago and Denver in the midwest Seattle San Francisco -- Los Angeles in the west. In fact most major airports across the country. Fast -- For passengers who submitted the fingerprints and background checks in advance. Lines where Americans can keep their shoes and jackets -- Their laptops and cosmetics. In their suitcase or using what some who describe -- as more common -- TSA will only say the new fast lanes are substantially quicker. And it Los Angeles international today -- time this passenger through the regular line at six minutes and ten seconds. While this passenger went through the new fast line in just 54 cents -- Travels easy and five major airlines American delta united US air and Alaska are signed up to participate by the end of the year. Frequent fliers will be asked to give background information and anyone else willing to pay 100 dollars for a five year -- issued by Homeland Security. Background check included can enroll. If they can -- down the number of people they have to spend more time was at the end of the day you've actually I think increased security. So how do you sign up well if your frequent -- your airline will contact you by email. For the rest of us you have to contact homeland security and ask about their trusted traveler program. You fill out a form on the Internet and you go down for an interview it takes about ten minutes I got my card and about that time at JFK. Fabricated -- but tell us how quickly this might happen across the country -- -- Well it'll be in all almost all the major airports across the country 35 by the end of the year and it's not all they're doing. In fact the TSA is hinting at it and have other trusted travelers without a card for people who might be seniors -- in the military -- have -- have security clearances.

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{"id":15543162,"title":"Fly Through Airport Security?","duration":"3:22","description":"Experimental program offers passengers hassle-free experience.","url":"/WNT/video/fly-airport-security-15543162","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}