Forest Fires at Yosemite Force Evacuations

Wildfires in remote area of park that started Saturday forced road and park closures.
1:17 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for Forest Fires at Yosemite Force Evacuations
And next we head out west where tonight a symbol of america the beautiful is in crises. Millions of american families flocked to yosemite national park with its triumphant waterfalls, deep valleys and the ancient se coy yas. Tonight camp sites evacuated, roads closed and the wildfire is growing as abc's neal karlinsky brings us the latest. Reporter: Tonight the gateway to one of america's most pristine national treasures is a wall of flame. Yosemite national park is threatened on one side by a growing 25 square mile wildfire. It just breaks my heart. Reporter: This flared up here. They want us to back out. They're going to try to protect this area. How active is it right now? Real active. Reporter: You much of the battle is fought from the air. A fire fighting plane makes a dangerous run. 2,000 homes and outbuildings near the park guiding this rural landscape are in danger. Some are evacuating along with many who come here to camp. Neal karlinsky, abc news.

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{"id":20029914,"title":"Forest Fires at Yosemite Force Evacuations","duration":"1:17","description":"Wildfires in remote area of park that started Saturday forced road and park closures.","url":"/WNT/video/forest-fires-yosemite-force-evacuations-20029914","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}