Fourth-Grade Class Takes on Hollywood and Wins

Young children get inspired by popular children's book to change the world.
2:18 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Fourth-Grade Class Takes on Hollywood and Wins
We all know about the power of a book to fire up a young mind with possibility. -- now. The story of fourth graders in Brookline Massachusetts who were inspired by a popular children's book to take on Hollywood. And they want. Here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. When -- loved -- book really loved it. Like 910 year old to mr. wells class would do you -- -- grown -- are getting it all wrong the book. The -- -- the ultimate Dr. -- environmental hero. The only voice who speaks for the -- as a -- factory owner chops down every -- a tree in the forest. -- The kids found down the book was going to be a movie it. -- then checked out the movie's web site. And the kids didn't -- borax speaking out about anything but tickets and online -- -- Not one mention of the environments. -- -- -- So please be -- -- and they did launching a petition online. -- -- The kids put their petition on change dot war. This same site that helped Molly -- -- bring an end to those new bank fees at Bank of America. And -- draw Hillary Clinton's attention to the plight of women drivers in Saudi Arabia how amazing is that real. It's remarkable. Change dot -- CEO 31 year old band -- -- Says regular people rallying against the people in charge is what it's all -- even if -- people -- our fourth -- We have hundreds of petitions every day that are launched hundreds hundreds and 101000 a month launched. What's exciting for us right now it's taking people at every -- community -- to change if things they didn't think possible. The petition I'm paying. And it seems adults remember the -- acts to tens of thousands -- accused petition galore -- Not so impossible. Alongside the movie clips -- web site Universal Studios now has tips for what children can do to help save the planet. We're not just -- he can be very powerful. And many different ways. And could look out. Now know the power of their own voice hit -- may not stopped. Thanks to see -- street Johns. Is making -- books and setting out to change the world one petition at a time Abby Boudreau -- ABC news Los Angeles. It has big gun and so we choose mr. wells fourth grade class and by the way the Hollywood giant Universal Studios has invited them and other fourth graders at the school. To a screaming. Of the lower acts.

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{"id":15732759,"title":"Fourth-Grade Class Takes on Hollywood and Wins","duration":"2:18","description":"Young children get inspired by popular children's book to change the world.","url":"/WNT/video/fourth-grade-class-takes-hollywood-wins-young-children-universal-studios-entertainment-15732759","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}