Foxconn: An Exclusive Inside Look

Bill Weir takes an in-depth look into the factory that makes Apple products.
3:57 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Foxconn: An Exclusive Inside Look
ABC news exclusive for the first time ever a journalist was allowed inside the secret factory in China. Where apple iphones and ipads are made. In recent weeks a number of reports have raised serious questions about the workers there the long hours the pressures the low pay the life. ABC's Bill Weir made his way into the giant factory and tonight tells us what he saw. Her name is show you think she's -- 27 year old mother of two when she makes a living slicing Apple's. Trimming aluminum birders from those iconic iPad -- groups. She is helped make hundreds of thousands of these coveted gadgets but since it would take three months salary to buy an iPad -- her own. This is the first time she's ever seen the final product. And her it's light that's my daughter. The likes climbing trees. Your daughter is cute and already she says. Which is poignant since her kids -- two hours away and she can afford to see them just once a month. But this is typical for most of the 235. Houses work in this one Foxconn complex. Many leave distant villages where families live in rooms like this. Stay war -- to share a dorm room like this was seven strangers. Foxconn attracts a lot of business. By having workers close to the assembly line. They spent twelve hours a day in the factory with 21 hour meal breaks to mark single file to a massive canteen for -- -- -- And if -- fast enough they'll grab an app packet their spot on the line. And -- fox gun ever needs more workers they're always crowds of applicants like this. All hoping to -- -- wage Americans haven't seen since the 1950s. While the average worker building electronics in the US today makes over 23 dollars an hour. And works 41 hours a week most of the people at Foxconn earned just over two dollars an hour. And strive for a sixty hour work week. In the world ever hungry for gadgets these people are all too easy to exploit. And ever since eighteen Foxconn workers jump from these buildings. Apple has been accused of doing just that. The suicide nets are still in place. Just in case so after years of monitoring suppliers themselves. Apple join the fair labor association last month and asked them to examine working conditions at boxed up. And published the findings and the invited us along. For the record our parent company Disney has strong ties -- back our CEO sits on the apple -- and Steve Jobs trust owns the majority of Disney stock. But we promised to report what ever we file. You can improve one thing about your job what would have -- We're all here to work so naturally we want better pay and benefits -- What do you want the people who end up buying this to know about you. I want to know me she says I want to know put a lot of effort into this product and when they use it please use with care. She's very sweet the results of that Philip audit should be up a couple weeks of course. We'll have every detail so what do you think now when you look at your you know what I hear I hear that automated voice that computer voice on the line that says okay. Okay. Okay. Hundreds of thousands of times I think about hurt and not ever having seen one of these things. And I realize that this thing honestly changed my life of a big fan of its products but it's changing their lives in a way to -- apple -- increase salaries recently rider yeah is going to be -- and even I think so they just gave the rays on February 1 but this is a conversation every producer every manufacture of every product that Wal-Mart should be. Thinking about right now. Their lives there their they're tripled the value chain is rising and -- it is always moving to see how hard they work how far away from home. They thank you bill.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Bill Weir takes an in-depth look into the factory that makes Apple products. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15761644","title":"Foxconn: An Exclusive Inside Look","url":"/WNT/video/foxconn-exclusive-inside-15761644"}