Frat Shut Down; Two Students Expelled Over Racist Video

University of Oklahoma says the two students were leaders of the racist chant captured on video.
2:04 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Frat Shut Down; Two Students Expelled Over Racist Video
We move on now to the university of Oklahoma, where this evening, two fraternity members have been expelled. The school saying they were leaders of the racist chant shown in this video, sparking outrage. Meanwhile, all members of that fraternity moving out now. They have until midnight tonight to get their things out. ABC's Ryan Owens in Norman, Oklahoma. Reporter: Two of the young men seen leading this racist chant have now been expelled from the university of Oklahoma. The school's president sent this letter saying their actions create a "Hostile educational environment for others." Tonight, this man in the video has been identified as parker rice by his jesuit prep school in Dallas. His friend, Matt Lopez, tell us he's already back in Texas and will not be returning. He's not a racist. He's really not. He compromised his morality for the liking of his friends. Reporter: The fraternity, sigma alpha epsilon, has been kicked off campus. Frat brothers must be out of the house by midnight tonight. Are you embarrassed? Extremely. Reporter: But students we spoke to say they've heard that chant on campus before. And William Bruce James, one of only two black members in the history of this Sae chapter says the punishment fits. I don't consider them my brothers. I don't think they were ever deserving of the letters. Reporter: But others are jumping to the frat's defense, including their african-american cook, who just lost the job he's had for 14 years. I think it's outrageous. Reporter: And this house mother, who appeared on the local news Monday night, saying she's never heard that kind of racist talk around the house. Hours later, this video of her posted two years earlier. . Reporter: She's repeatedly using the n-world singing along to a rap song. Today, she released a statement saying she's not a racist but "Completely understands how the video must appear in the context of the events." The school president making clear tonight, the two students expelled may not be the last. They're still going over the video, trying to identify students including the sorority sisters seen cheering and chanting.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"University of Oklahoma says the two students were leaders of the racist chant captured on video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"29542968","title":"Frat Shut Down; Two Students Expelled Over Racist Video","url":"/WNT/video/frat-shut-students-expelled-racist-video-29542968"}