3 more fraternity deaths at 3 separate universities

Investigations are underway at San Diego State, Arizona State and Washington State.
1:24 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for 3 more fraternity deaths at 3 separate universities
This evening, authorities are now investigating THR separate cases, three fraternity-related deaths, at three different schools in just a matter of days. San Diego state, Arizona state and now Washington state university tonight. Here's ABC's kayna Whitworth. 710 linden, alpha tau omega. Reporter: This morning, paramedics racing to an offcampus frat house near Washington state university to find fraternity brothers performing cpr. Patient is a 19-year-old male. He's not conscious, not breathing. They believe it may be alcohol poisoning. Reporter: A preliminary investigation indicating a possible alcohol-related death. It's the third death involving a college fraternity in the last three days. At San Diego state university, paramedics called to the dorm of 19-year-old Dylan Hernandez. He had fallen off of his bunkbed, about a six foot drop. And we later found out that he fractured his skull from that fall. Reporter: The school says he had attended a fraternity event the night before and has suspended all 14 fraternities on campus. And at Arizona state, police are investigating the death of a male student whose body was found just yesterday in Greek housing. And as for that Washington state case, David, the national alpha tau omega fraternity saying tonight they're mourning the loss of their brother and they're working with police and investigators on the case. David? Kayna Whitworth reporting tonight. Thank you, kayna. And overseas tonight, the

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{"duration":"1:24","description":"Investigations are underway at San Diego State, Arizona State and Washington State.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"66953975","title":"3 more fraternity deaths at 3 separate universities","url":"/WNT/video/fraternity-deaths-separate-universities-66953975"}