Friends: Shooter's Mom Struggled with Son

"It was getting a little harder for her as time went on."
2:10 | 12/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Friends: Shooter's Mom Struggled with Son
Search for answers about Adam -- and what could have possibly led him to kill our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross on this case. From the very start. Computers removed from the Alonso finally home this weekend. Could provide important clues into the motive behind the shooting law enforcement official told ABC news today although in public officials are being very circumspect. We have recovered some evidence. It is being analyzed it is being processed friends and Adam -- as murdered mother 52 year old Nancy. Said today she had become increasingly concerned over the last few months about her youngest son's emotional and behavioral issues. There was just getting a little harder for us you know time went on Nancy lends there was a regular tour three nights a week at this new town bar and restaurant might place. According to the owners that embossed -- -- Who say they knew about her valiant struggles with -- -- for years she always help and she's a home -- them and everything. Especially you know I can't say I -- -- -- on medication but that's all what at all right now. Since elementary school at sandy hook through high school Adam was known by classmates as strange severely -- I don't think that anyone -- -- ever traded him I think it was. -- -- people it intends to Simon -- someone different and just really disrupt Malone. Officials at Western Connecticut State University confirmed today. That Adam at age sixteen. A former member of the high school -- club had taken college courses in computer science philosophy and American history. But his mother's friend said today it became harder for her as he left school. Hard to know what to do next. Yeah I think we're just getting difficult for her to try to get him into regular. -- life but there were never any warnings about violence or guns the friend said there was never any talk about. Him being violent or any suicidal tendencies should never ever spoken with anything bad. On Friday the Middleton examiner said Adam lands a shot his mother in the head several times his longtime protector and first victims. Every new development difficulties here Brian Ross tonight. Again our thanks to you.

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{"id":17993696,"title":"Friends: Shooter's Mom Struggled with Son","duration":"2:10","description":"\"It was getting a little harder for her as time went on.\"","url":"/WNT/video/friends-shooters-mom-struggled-son-17993696","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}