Frigid Air Blankets Parts of the United States

Freezing temperatures and gripping wind chill greet the new year.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for Frigid Air Blankets Parts of the United States
display to mark the new year. To a different side of the season, duluth, minnesota moek making it feel like 40 below, the water warmer than the air above it. Before heading out, so many clearing off the heavy snow. Get ready, the first big storm of 2014 is already brewing. Abc's meteorologist on the weather and the celebration tonight. She's live tonight in the middle of it all. She couldn't hide from us, not even in that crowd. Ginger, happy new year and lead us off. Thank you so much. Happy new year to you. We're near our best friends. That's where it begins. This goes for 16 blocks. You can see back to back, front to front there are so many folks here and even though it's going to feel like 16 below in some places across the nation tonight we're all packed in and cozy. Take a look. Those "are you kidding me" temps and wind chills gripping everyone from wisconsin to illinois to maine tonight. Zero to freezing in two seconds. Reporter: Look at this thermometer from minnesota. Can you see that? That's 50 below zero! The frigid air blanketing fresh wrecks on minnesota roads. And in chicago a barely there crowd bundled at the lincoln park zoo. And this family visiting from minnesota with a bit of perspective. This is summer breakdown here. It's a 50-degree difference between home and here. Reporter: Tonight ahead of the one million people packing into times square security is tight and thousands of nypd's finest will be on hand. The revellers checked for explosives and other dangerous devices. They're closing down the cross roads of the world. There is that brilliant crystal ball weighing almost 12,000 pounds and covered in crystal triangles, shivering below folks who have to stay tight tonight to stay warm. How are you going to stay warm? Jump around and dance if music comes on. Reporter: It really won't be that bad. You can see right here the temperatures at midnight or at least the feels like, the wind chill in new york city in the teens but you see up there in green bay, 37 below is what it feels like when the ball drops, 31 below for minneapolis. It's dangerous cold in some places tonight. David. Ginger only you can ring in the new year by warning us about the first storm of 2014. Reporter: We're not going to start like a lamb. Here comes that lion. We have low pressure that's going to slide across chicago. They're going to see snow, through south eastern michigan and through the northeast as you see the off shore low thursday into friday for the northeast. Snow totals are big for a lot of people. The first and second of january going to be messy. Ginger zee, thank you. We move onto that massive train explosion in north dakota,

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{"id":21386276,"title":"Frigid Air Blankets Parts of the United States","duration":"3:00","description":"Freezing temperatures and gripping wind chill greet the new year.","url":"/WNT/video/frigid-air-blankets-parts-united-states-21386276","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}