Ft. Hood Hero: Obama 'Betrayed' Victims

New video shows chaos after massacre at Texas Army base that killed 13.
2:30 | 02/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ft. Hood Hero: Obama 'Betrayed' Victims
Tonight, we have an investigation, after that infamous shooting at ft. Hood by major hasan. And tonight, more than three years later, some of the victims have filed a lawsuit against the army, saying they're being victimized again. Abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross gets answers. And we want to warn you that some othis video is graphic. Reporter: At the state of the union three years ago, president obama arranged a hero's welcome for ft. Hood police sergeant kimberly munley. She now says she feels used. Betrayal would be a good word. Reporter: Just a few months earlier, munley had been shot three times as she and her partner ended the deadly rampa rampage. The chaotic aftermath seen here for the first time in a new video obtained by abc news. Authorities say the accused shooter, major nidal hasan, identified in this photo, communicated with an al qaeda leader and wanted to kill even more. He had over 177 rounds still left on his person. Reporter: Munley, a civilian officer who has since been laid off, safes the president broke the promise he made that the ft. Hood shooting victims would be well taken care of. Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of. In fact, they've been neglected. Very badly. Reporter: So the president's promise was not fulfilled. No. Reporter: What has so upset munley and the other victims, and led them to file a lawsuit, is the decision to deny the injured soldiers a purple heart, terming the ft. Hood shooting simply workplace violence. Recently retired staff sergeant sthaun manning, who still has bullets lodged in his body, say that means lower priority veterans medical care and a loss of ten of thousands of dollars in benefits. Basically, they're treating us like I was downtown and got hit by a car. Reporter: The army says it's not true that victims are being NEGLECTED AND john McHugh told abc news the purple heart can only be awarded if the attack involves a foreign terrorist element. So, to declare that soldier a foreign terrorist would have a potentially profound effect on the ability to conduct a trial. Reporter: Are you satisfied with that, secretary? I think I've answered your questions repeatedly. Reporter: Republican members of congress now say they will introduce legislation to require the victims to be given the benefits they say they are being denied. Brian ross, abc news, new york. And you can watch more of brian's reporting tonight on "nightline" at its new time, 12:35 a.M. Eastern.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"New video shows chaos after massacre at Texas Army base that killed 13.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"18481585","title":"Ft. Hood Hero: Obama 'Betrayed' Victims","url":"/WNT/video/ft-hood-hero-obama-betrayed-victims-18481585"}