Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Anniversary

A look back one year after that epic earthquake hit Japan.
2:20 | 03/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Anniversary
It was one year ago this weekend the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and then of course the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. In the days that followed we were there in Fukushima witnessing the children of families as they were checked for radiation all around Fukushima. One year later our team has gone back asking what are Japanese authorities saying now about that radiation tonight Nightline anchor Bill -- takes us back to the heart of the disaster zone. One year later. Considering the magnitude quit the biggest ever recorded in this size nation. Considering the power of the tsunami which took out coastal communities which undermine. And considering the three. Nuclear reactors melted down in the aftermath it should be no surprise that this proud nation is still reeling still mourning. -- a long way from. Rebuilding. There -- 70000. Pine tree lighting this picturesque stretch of coast. And now there's one sadly not even this was gonna survive. Has been a lot of talk about whether to try to -- samplings. New symbols of hope but for so many families in these -- and wanna talk about trees are symbols because they're still looking for the bodies. Of the children of parents simply there's a town where 500 people still missing -- chose -- -- -- tells me. The country wants to move on but they're still waiting for their loved ones to -- won't. Haven't even had a funeral. Adding to the grief is fear of radiation. From that shattered Fukushima plant and the 51 others around the country. But -- -- -- -- health experts from around the world say despite all the long term effects will be minor. And more people will be sickened by the stress of this ordeal and by radiation. But through -- all that legendary Japanese order that's -- -- -- and communal respect is still strong. And so unlike you -- suitable -- have a whole new level of gratitude. She was looking for her little boy when this iconic photograph was taken. It took three days. She found him. I take nothing for granted even turning on the -- she tells me now. Every single day. It's precious. Who here ABC news Sendai Japan. -- with her little boy.

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{"id":15895096,"title":"Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Anniversary","duration":"2:20","description":"A look back one year after that epic earthquake hit Japan. ","url":"/WNT/video/fukushima-nuclear-disaster-anniversary-2012-earthquake-japan-one-year-later-international-15895096","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}