New Fundraising Effort for Boston's Dave Henneberry

Good Samaritans across the U.S. raise money to replace boat used as a hideout by suspected Boston Bomber.
2:35 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for New Fundraising Effort for Boston's Dave Henneberry
we'll bring it to you tomorrow night. But first the latest on the boston bombings. We're all going to hear from someone we've been waiting to meet. The boston man who went out of his home to look at his boat and ended up ending a massive manhunt for a terror suspect. And how he did it is even more extraordinary than we knew. We turn to news anchor ed harding with the exclusive interview tonight. I know people say, it's blood on the boat. If he saw blood and went in -- not true? Not true. Caller: David henneberry is the only one who knows the whole story of how the second suspect was discovered. He never saw any blood on the outside of his boat. It was a more subtle clue something was wrong. He went out for air and noticed nat shrink wrap on his boat was strangely out of place. He went to the garage and grabbed a step ladder. I got three steps up the ladder and I rolled it up, and i can see through now the shrink wrap. I didn't expect to see anything. And I look in the boat over here, on the floor, and I see blood. Reporter: A lot of blood? A good amount blood. And my eyes went to the other side of the engine block. The engine blook is in the middle of the -- there was a body. Reporter: And at that moment, what did you do? What were you thinking at that moment? Oh, my god. Reporter: He couldn't see suspect number two's face. He was glad he couldn't see his face. I know I took three steps up the ladder. But I don't remember stepping down off the ladder. Reporter: He rushed into his home, and called 911. Swarmd the neighborhood. David and his wife were taken away. People are calling you a national hero. If the people who were killed can get something from -- Reporter: You know, in many ways, they do. Then I'm at peace with it. Reporter: An accidental hero with the thanks of a city. And we thank ed and dave. And we want you to know that across the country tonight, americans have said they want to contribute money to help dave replace his beloved boat, as a sign of gratitude. But he's asked us to tell you that he's so appreciative, but he'd like everybody instead to donate to the one fund boston to help the victims who were injured, he says, not a guy who

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{"id":19026259,"title":"New Fundraising Effort for Boston's Dave Henneberry","duration":"2:35","description":"Good Samaritans across the U.S. raise money to replace boat used as a hideout by suspected Boston Bomber. ","url":"/WNT/video/fundraising-effort-bostons-dave-henneberry-19026259","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}