Gabby Giffords' Caregivers in Spotlight

Dedicated individuals help make congresswoman's recovery possible.
3:24 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gabby Giffords' Caregivers in Spotlight
This week here Diane brought -- the extraordinary story of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband mark Kelly their remarkable journey of courage and hope. After that tragic day in Tucson. That journey would not have been possible without the angels who have been at her side from the very start it tonight. Are persons of the week. We all remember that first image from inside her hospital room Gabby Giffords hand held by her husband astronaut mark Kelly. But as we would see -- that remarkable video diary kept by her husband. Mark was not the only one -- -- side there was that small team of their day in day out. Never gave up. Just twenty days after the shooting they have -- sitting up in a wheelchair again teaching her how to not. How -- -- up for a kiss. And they Begin the slow and determine Germany to help -- unlawful words he's. You. Gabby Giffords and mark Kelly told -- that one of the reasons they decided to let the world see these tapes to show what's possible the kind of therapeutic -- pull you through. Stewart and that the -- In this moment like -- side the extraordinary therapist NG Glenn. Congresswoman knows the feeling but can't find the word. For anguish. And I think right now that it is better. You come a long way. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the fallen can. The repentance therapists Megan -- with her guitar helping -- step by step. The rhythm to steady. This -- Music is accessed in many different areas in the brain they aren't designated for language. And they can retrieve the lyrics doing another side of the brain teach -- words that help good morning. -- -- -- -- watching that special this week our own Bob Woodruff and his wife -- We told -- she was immediately reminded of that there -- the angels who helped bring her husband back. It's doing it over and over and over again bringing that person out. And he'll only do that to really make that person come back to themselves. That requires somebody specialists -- young woman that you see in the video can be this is the unsung hero are art therapists in the rehabilitation world. And so we choose the unsung heroes who helped Gabby Giffords and who are helping patients across this country and to -- -- told us they are outstanding people. They were card they have helped by recovery. All of them are special to me.

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{"id":14986945,"title":"Gabby Giffords' Caregivers in Spotlight","duration":"3:24","description":"Dedicated individuals help make congresswoman's recovery possible.","url":"/WNT/video/gabby-giffords-caregivers-spotlight-14986945","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}