Gabrielle Giffords Announces Resignation

Congresswoman steps down to focus on her recovery.
5:34 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for Gabrielle Giffords Announces Resignation
More than a year now congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has inspired us -- with her courage and determination. And this evening that courage is on display again today in a moving video she broke the news -- constituents. That she will be stepping down from congress to focus on her recovery. And so we Begin tonight here would get real Giffords and her own words at halting message we saw today. Arizona is my home. Always will be. Happens over the past year. We -- -- nineteen. Today. But I know. On the issues we -- pork -- can change things for the better. So much. More fireworks. And began -- I don't -- -- much. Grounds that horrible day. But I will never. First trust you place in me. -- -- -- -- Thank you for your hurry here. For -- TV. We cover. -- -- On my. What -- next form its -- with Iowa will step down. Gabriel -- decision to resign this week comes after an extraordinary journey back it was a year ago this month. She was shot while holding -- meeting with her constituents outside a Tucson supermarket. Six others were killed. There was the national vigil held outside the Tucson hospital. And from inside that first image -- hand held by her husband shuttle commander mark Kelly at her side from the start. He documented her recovery for triumphs for tests. And they bravely shared -- Diane Sawyer just twenty days after the shooting Gabby Giffords was sitting up in a wheelchair learning how -- not. They had begun to slow it determined journey to help -- unlock -- words. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Gabby Giffords and her husband told Diane that one of the reasons they decided to let the world see the tapes was to show what's possible. Using music to retrieve lyrics -- other side of the brain. It works that. When Diane asked about the husband by her side from the beginning. He's -- word from work -- -- thank you. Significantly contribute to -- house. Full name off. During their time together Diane asked about the decision that would come and -- you think to yourself I'll go back to. Congress and I get and hit it. And that's where you are. In fact this sentence practiced during speech therapy. Well briefed her and treat. -- she steps down this week in new video today a clear indication. Gabby Giffords believes her career in public service. It's not over time. Every day. My experience is hot. I will reach. And we will work to get. More areas Dylan and and this -- -- -- Thank you hearing. The congresswoman in her own words today shall be at the president's state of the union Tuesday in Washington. And before officially leaving office this week Giffords will hold a private gathering some of the people. We gathered at that meeting -- that date the supermarket she's determined she says to finish for Congress on Your Corner event. -- was cut short a year ago. -- -- -- bring -- our medical editor doctor Richard -- been tracking all of this and rich I want to play -- of the doctors on Gabriel -- team. And what they said to Diane Sawyer during her reporting on this this -- was very encouraging them to hurt him with way to get. -- seeing patients continue to recover for 23 even four years. She hasn't -- She's not going to -- to -- but I I have great faith and chill. Make a sound decision. For her so what I'm saying here. Is. -- Gabby thinks she can go back to congress. She can. At the time saying she hadn't plateaued three or four years to recover and you saying today. That this resignation does not mean in any way that she's peaked in -- in no -- I was totally blown -- watching that video. -- the progress she's made so far is absolutely incredible but. Recovery is hard work and so picking the time now to focus on that recovery is gonna maximize the recovery but it has absolutely nothing. But whether in the future she could come back and run for congress that would be here -- leave that she very well could she could be -- rich thanks to you tonight. And there of course is the political component of all of us -- seen in the eighth district of Arizona which she won -- hardly fought race two years ago. Arizona's governor will hold a special election Democrats have been encouraging Gifford's husband. Astronaut mark Kelly to run -- -- But every indication so far is that it will not do so -- continuing to help his wife. In her recovery as he's done so far.

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{"id":15417180,"title":"Gabrielle Giffords Announces Resignation ","duration":"5:34","description":"Congresswoman steps down to focus on her recovery. ","url":"/WNT/video/gabrielle-giffords-announces-resignation-congresswoman-steps-down-focus-recovery-politics-15417180","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}