Gadhafi's Death Brings End to Libya Mission

NATO ends mission; Libyans celebrate following dictator's death.
3:00 | 10/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gadhafi's Death Brings End to Libya Mission
NATO commanders announced today they will end the nation in Libya when their celebrations in the streets over Moammar -- death. As new and gruesome video -- final moments when violence. These images are tough to watch -- telling to. And ABC's Christiane before his back -- to analyze what they mean and Christiane we saw the celebrations in Libya but not across the Arab world. -- no and of course people in Libya are celebrating wildly because finally the man who -- for so long he's dead. But there are people now who are asking questions human rights groups even a leading Islamic scholar He -- -- that this kind of vigilante vengeance is not Islamic. On the other hand so many Libyans say that He kept us down for so long that the -- Moammar Gadhafi met his -- was -- style justice. -- New cellphone videos of the moments just -- Moammar Gadhafi was killed and helping to clarify what exactly happened to -- -- into. Wasn't vigilante vengeance. Concede Gadhafi is being torn to be -- the issue. He doesn't fight back but He can be heard eating in Arabic. Panorama on -- -- which means this is this since you. The expression conveying -- pleading for mercy. The Libyan government maintains that Gadhafi died from wounds He received through the 55 He -- He was captured. But the UN has opened the investigation. -- -- -- -- Gadhafi should be buried today it was today and perhaps to prove to the the country that the dictator is truly dead. Because and He didn't even get somebody -- -- to get that is that. Don't these bodies being displayed in commercial freezer in the town of -- -- out. Sustained a brutal onslaught by Gadhafi is -- during the uprising. One of Gadhafi sons died with him -- which is it is it. As for Gadhafi is onetime heir apparent safe on Islam who might interviewed in February. Some reports say that he's been captured. Others that he's on the run. City. Time and money. The massive wealth some estimated seventy billion dollars and -- -- to hold on against mental forces for the past eight. While some of those billions had been found and the ounces frozen a fortune is still unaccounted for. So a lot of people we looking for the applicant shall we saw NATO announced October 31 -- mission. -- end the so. What do we know about the American role going forward when it was certainly be a mistake to courted mission accomplished because a lot of what might go wrong could happen now options -- -- things the United States wants to see is the new transitional government unify all those disparate forces who were unleashed against -- In terms of economy -- it does have a huge amount of resources so they should be able to finance its own reconstruction. We get in the country on -- road to democracy is good -- challenge and don't expect a lot of American funds and interest in on the port thanks very much.

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{"id":14790441,"title":"Gadhafi's Death Brings End to Libya Mission","duration":"3:00","description":"NATO ends mission; Libyans celebrate following dictator's death.","url":"/WNT/video/gadhafis-death-brings-end-libya-mission-14790441","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}