Gas Prices Increasing Across the Country

Americans feel the impact of increased prices at the pump.
3:05 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Gas Prices Increasing Across the Country
Most stressful job in America today just -- the person arrested change the rising price on the sign at the gasoline station the average price tonight. Three dollars 58 cents and going up every day and all day long across America as Americans filled up they got fed up. As ABC Cecilia Vega found out -- she's in Los Angeles tonight to Syria. Yeah good evening Diane -- these prices are off the charts here for 99 for a gallon of regular if you think that's fat. -- drivers in Alaska who are now reportedly paying more than six dollars a gallon. These prices are definitely starting to take -- toll on drivers and they are venting their anger. Gas prices aren't the only thing on the rise these days so our tempers all around the country. From Flint, Michigan when they feel like they want to. Make more money bet on the minds to Chicago this crazy. It's absolutely maddening to Atlanta there's a hundred dollars down -- -- But you know -- spirits it's the trip to the gas station now an exercise in frustration. Senior Los Angeles and gallon cost four dollars and five cents at 11 in the morning. And shot up sixteen cents in just three -- -- -- -- -- A -- -- goes like 7080 bucks does almost a hundred bucks. Let's it's a big difference really gets it. Signs of gas gouging too late when at least a Florida nearly six dollars for a gallon of regular. Caught in the middle the gas station workers this San Diego attendant says drivers pelt him with expletives all day long. Later hitting me like about the -- And that's not even the worst of it. Anything -- changing the type there. Over that time that's not the only -- -- -- here. Near camp but -- -- after the actual station in the middle of the night and the suspects. Parked a van over the underground tanks and started to pump out gas. And in Fresno California thieves popped off neighbors gas caps and -- the hot commodity right out of the tank. Would be nice -- my gas instead of somebody else taking it. So who stands to gain from these record prices. Analysts say for every fifty dollars you spend at the pump most of it about 31 bucks goes to oil companies. Seven dollars go to the refineries that turn that oil -- gas. The government gets a chunk in taxes the people who deliver the gas -- credit card companies get a small portion of it and that leaves just about one dollar in profits for the gas stations. And Diane take a look at this it's almost too unbelievable to believe just what we were on the -- during those two minutes of that story the gas prices here at this station went up by ten cents it was for 99. Now it's five -- ninth for a gallon of regular gas here at this station in downtown Los Angeles it's went up ten sense. Ten cents during that two minutes while we were on the air don't blink of the gasoline station thank you Cecilia.

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{"id":15770030,"title":"Gas Prices Increasing Across the Country","duration":"3:05","description":"Americans feel the impact of increased prices at the pump.","url":"/WNT/video/gas-prices-increasing-country-americans-feel-impact-increased-cost-at-pump-business-15770030","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}