2008: Gaza Teens Dig Tunnels to Smuggle Supplies

"World News" April 4, 2008: Simon MacGregor-Wood meets a young man digging smuggling tunnels in Gaza.
2:21 | 07/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2008: Gaza Teens Dig Tunnels to Smuggle Supplies
Gaza this weekend five people were killed not from the continuing violence there. But when the tunnel they were digging collapsed. With Israel keeping tight control the borders smugglers are literally going underground. -- -- -- Simon McGregor wood got an exclusive look at the tunnels and the people who build them. Many of whom are children. Under the twisted remains of a bombed out building. Fourteen year old -- -- -- his latest smuggling. Its twenty feet underground. Home. Dusty and -- nothing is holding up this group and there is only just enough room the site to date. So it and his friends have been digging on this new -- for two weeks now 161000. Like. They estimate they have another two months of digging to -- Before it's completed. -- -- it looked like this ABC news obtained this exclusive material working tunnels. Here a police drags black market gasoline from the Egyptian side of the border. Today in -- it sells for 23 dollars a gallon. In another terrible weapons and these smugglers told us they -- 250. Dollars profit on each Kalashnikov. -- dollar fifty on every bullet. Smuggling is big business and poverty stricken doctor. Israel and as he'd only the most basic supplies creating huge and profitable market -- the smugglers. They will -- -- 87000. Dollars for his latest tunnel and it's picked. That's good money yet enough to support -- my Brothers and forces who is but it's dangerous work. He didn't know it feels like and -- -- -- -- he says if you need a hard -- to dig in the tunnels. -- does go to school sometimes. Its principal knows exactly what he does -- A little. I hate what he does he says I want him to have a normal life but I understand what he does it. Just a mile from -- -- we came across this funeral for -- tunnel collapsed due to quote days to find the -- 26 have died in the last -- -- I think it doesn't -- the -- Who's had enough of school today he walks out ready for another shift sixteen now is taking his -- Which he knows -- one day -- its great. Simon McGregor wood ABC news under the -- Between Gaza and the.

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{"id":24666805,"title":"2008: Gaza Teens Dig Tunnels to Smuggle Supplies","duration":"2:21","description":"\"World News\" April 4, 2008: Simon MacGregor-Wood meets a young man digging smuggling tunnels in Gaza.","url":"/WNT/video/gaza-teens-dig-smuggling-tunnels-israel-2008-world-24666805","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}