General Defends Apology for Koran Burning

Gen. John Allen addresses criticism aimed at him and President Obama.
2:20 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for General Defends Apology for Koran Burning
Finally we hear from the general. At the center that uproar over the Koran burning and the US apology general John Allen -- the senior American commander in Afghanistan. For those -- -- were mistakenly burned. ABC's Martha Raddatz spoke today with general Allen in Afghanistan as he tries to navigate this turbulent time. We traveled nearly a thousand miles today with general John Allen -- Afghanistan. -- the back of an osprey but -- dizzying ride. With another -- trailing close behind over the battlefields below. General -- is a passionate officer who bristles at the criticism aimed at him and President Obama for apologizing. For the burning the Koran -- Why wouldn't we. Why wouldn't mean this is the central board of god for them why wouldn't we didn't do it on purpose but we should apologize and now we get on with the relationship. Yet there is still a great deal of healing to be done. One of the six American service members killed in retaliation for the burning the Koran was from the same battalion as these young -- -- It's moments like these. When. When you feel as though there is no trust -- confidence and can't reach down inside. You understand just in time for professionalism and this is not the time or. Revenge. But it may not be easy to convince some Afghans that. The Koran is considered the literal word of god so sacred that damage books should be buried in the clean clothes. This Afghan soldier told us the Americans who -- the Koreans should be jail. -- had not yet complete investigation. Has found at least cried US troops mistakenly -- the book although Allen will not talk about specifics. We're just gonna push all investigations investigations get the truth. You fix things that are broken and hold people accountable that's what you do investigations and we're headed that direction. General Allen says he is hopeful that this ugly period will soon be over. And is doing his best to see that it is. But back in Kabul here tonight there still are concerns. -- -- service members will not likely get harsh punishments so that could prompt more protests. -- this may not be over after all.

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{"id":15853747,"title":"General Defends Apology for Koran Burning","duration":"2:20","description":"Gen. John Allen addresses criticism aimed at him and President Obama.","url":"/WNT/video/general-defends-apology-koran-burning-15853747","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}