General Motors Announces $7.6 Billion in Profits

Two years after emerging from bankruptcy, the auto company breaks record.
3:18 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for General Motors Announces $7.6 Billion in Profits
American giant General Motors announcing a seven point six billion dollar profit last year the biggest and the 103. Year history of GM. And this rebound comes just two years after GM emerged from bankruptcy with the help of that bailout by taxpayers. Today factory workers -- afraid of getting pink slips. Learn they're getting bonus checks worth 7000. Dollars each. ABC's David Muir is live for us tonight from the factory floor just outside Detroit -- -- Gray Davis. They sure are Diana this incredible when you think about it this way this very flat right outside Detroit. Just a couple of years ago was sitting -- -- workers have been sent home laid off they had no idea if they would ever be coming back. At tonight take a look at this behind an 892. Years ago but tonight GM is celebrating its biggest profits ever. That seven point six billion dollars beating the last record set nearly fifteen years ago 640000. More cars and trucks sold last year. Here before -- -- want to date we were invited to this plant in lake or in Michigan -- 2009. You make about 800 cars here -- plant evidence. They do now after -- sat idle for eighteen months know what you're knew they were ever coming back. You're all here yeah. Fuel filled with the uncertainty of whether or not -- would come back yes there. They were all laid off but they are all -- tonight 2200 employees those 800 cars a day how relieved are you. Pocket -- cut out -- They really get it on camera. How did they do it GM sales up North America put up some place else to China. -- -- one GM car or truck every twelve seconds there and get this deal you excel is the most popular car in China. It would world news went to China GM showed Diane that van that many families pooled their money to -- -- -- -- with the neighbors I think you're Rivera. And -- was GM's major prototype electric Clark seating just -- they're getting ready for that exploding middle class will Begin to the city's. But it's not just sales overseas be credited its sacrifice -- -- Those workers took big hits of the 40%. Cuts in benefits all is part of the bailout. AP 47500. Blue collar workers will get a check of up to 7000 dollars in profit sharing. It was promised they hit this mark as -- that we're -- Stover overseas receipts and deceit as -- lines. A she says that check -- away already spent. Get caught up on some bills and maybe now people -- Get my news in Vietnam. Yes of course. -- -- What a difference a couple of years makes 800 cars now coming off this line every day and Diane we wanted to know. -- -- the -- -- -- that at this point Chrysler's fate that all of its bailout money and GM with its successes now paid back about half of what it -- He got to -- -- by the American taxpayers till I was 30%. Of this company owns it in stopped watching and waiting for that -- place to go up before could recoup all that money went up. Two dollars today on this great news -- in the meantime a -- workers saying I could jump and touch the sky news thanks so much.

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{"id":15699795,"title":"General Motors Announces $7.6 Billion in Profits","duration":"3:18","description":"Two years after emerging from bankruptcy, the auto company breaks record. ","url":"/WNT/video/general-motors-announces-76-billion-profits-emerging-bankruptcy-tax-money-business-15699795","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}