General Motors' Big Plan

Number one U.S. automaker planning to pump $1.3 billion into plants, which means more jobs.
3:00 | 12/16/13

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Transcript for General Motors' Big Plan
Big headline for the American economy and the big vote for the American comeback. Today General Motors the number one US auto maker revealed it will pump one point three billion dollars in the plant right here at home. And that means a lot of new jobs ABC's anchor David Muir is here to tell us when and where Davis. Either Diane as you know the head of GM today made a case of the taxpayer bailout made this possible major investments in American cities that have been hurting. And tonight the good news from Ford to can you guess the model they're selling one of every 42 seconds in this country. Tonight the holiday greeting from American auto makers GM revealing it will now invest more than a billion dollars in five US factories. They say of a comeback but the American auto industry just five years ago they were on the brink. This new investment tonight most of it for a factory a truck plant -- ailing Flint, Michigan 600 million dollars. Factories in Detroit and Romulus Michigan Toledo Ohio at Bedford Indiana helped to. -- factories -- -- 500 people. And GM tonight saying the new investment will help save and create a thousand jobs and this comes just -- -- reveals plans to hire 5000 workers in the new year. That age old question apparently answered. 3300 of those jobs and engineering and production. And then tonight we checked in -- Luka and his young family he still making Ford trucks on the line. It's not long ago and -- When you're worried about the company. Everyone was a bit nervous -- I was personally young family. And for tonight find more of the global market he Asia but like the one they cornered in Mexico. World do you see it firsthand in Mexico City as boards built by American workers arrived on the trains. All of these forwards come from America we checked Louisville, Kentucky. Even asking to get on the -- and it has just to rise to see where they had come for which workers were truly -- -- toured Michigan built in Michigan and bought by the growing middle class in Mexico at 92% increase in just three years. And -- in America tonight for revealing to us. American model filling every 42 seconds the F 150. Next year Ford launching a redesigned one and that'll -- for Al Aqsa mosque and -- Tonight our first look -- new models coming off the line. The new mustang on the way sixty new vehicles in fact coming from four in the coming year and from GM's outgoing CEO late today. The argument of the bailout worked even -- taxpayers did lose billions in the deal arguing that lost tax revenue. And unemployment would have been far worse and tiny points of these new investments in cities that need them. As proof that GM is now back as well and making -- in America thanks so much that this is great years.

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{"id":21240872,"title":"General Motors' Big Plan ","duration":"3:00","description":"Number one U.S. automaker planning to pump $1.3 billion into plants, which means more jobs.","url":"/WNT/video/general-motors-big-plan-21240872","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}