Generation GoPro: Life Through a New Lens

Company behind popular camera talks newfound popularity in filmmaking.
2:05 | 03/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Generation GoPro: Life Through a New Lens
-- that Mary Poppins moment captured by one of those go pro cameras extreme athletes attaching them to their helmets their harnesses. So tonight the company also writing a real way here's ABC's back up. With the launch of -- -- -- it's. It's -- -- operation -- West Coast of Nicaragua. Its Mission Impossible consumer -- -- -- see the -- paddling out for the Braves behind -- camera company pulled -- -- me filming news filming me assuming you. Tiny device known for capturing -- -- moments. He impossible angles. -- the death. Call it. Company founder he would be an -- Surfing buddies. Business partners ABC news tag along as they tested their newest generation of cameras -- surfers paradise. -- original goal was to produce a camera. That the average surfer. It used to captured themselves -- -- -- -- surfing Oprah now makes the world's best selling small camps. Three million plus since 2009 it's a spiraling -- brand in the hands of our customers. But the camera which caused some 400 dollars has become much more than against -- -- -- admiring sort of it's found a home in delivery routes capturing. Last moments of life and at weddings tucked inside the -- -- K YouTube has helped me go pro and it is today FaceBook also comparing online has really struck a pro growth and the cameras aren't exactly hassle to look around the team is on this mission because they -- test their prototypes in the US and someone might -- -- there are so company. And but it's in the water where the real experiment and its. This video was the -- footage from their first test. And he's in the wonder that these guys are transformed. From a gaggle of high -- digs next to a bunch of duke revel in their apple how. -- -- Next week ABC news Nicaragua.

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{"id":18643834,"title":"Generation GoPro: Life Through a New Lens","duration":"2:05","description":"Company behind popular camera talks newfound popularity in filmmaking.","url":"/WNT/video/generation-pro-life-lens-18643834","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}