George Zimmerman Won't Testify at Trial

Man standing trial for shooting Trayvon Martin says he will not testify in his own defense.
3:42 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Won't Testify at Trial
After just 12 days the testimony is over, the defense rests and the jury will soon begin considering the fate of george zimmerman. On trial for the murder of trayvon martin. We know this is a case that has americans watching and arguing all across the country and abc's matt gutman tells us about the fireworks in the courtroom today. Reporter: Tensions boiling over in the courtroom today. Have you made a decision, sir, as to whether you want to testify in this case? I object to that question. Okay, overruled. Reporter: Three times, judge debra nelson addressing george zimmerman directly, demanding to know whether he will testify. Have you made a decision as to whether you want to testify in this case? No, not at this time, your honor. Reporter: Finally his answer what is your decision, sir? After consulting with the counsel, not to testify, your honor. But it was the most he'd spoken in court, on a day in which the defense rested. Earlier, the defense called law enforcement trainer dennis root to the stand, who compared zimmerman to pee wee herman. Under cross-examination, the prosecution used a foam mannequin to simulate the struggle that night. Were you aware that the defendant described to his best friend that when he slid down, when the defense slid down, that trayvon martin was up around his armpits. Were you aware of that? No, I've not heard that, no. Reporter: Curious, jurors, and even the defense, craning their necks to see, some standing up. Where would the gun be now? Now the gun would be behind your left leg. Reporter: Later, the defense using the same mannequin. May I use your doll? Were the injuries on mr. Zimmerman's back of his head consistent with someone doing this? I don't think so. How about this? Someone resisting the attempts the injuries and the two lacerations, could that have come from cement if someone was resisting me, pushing me down. I think. Reporter: The judge wants closing arguments tomorrow and the jury to have the case on friday. The prosecution wants them to see three charges, second degree murder, manslaughter and aggravated assault. Zimmerman's attorneys are telling us he is very anxious tonight. He faces either a prospect of life in prison or freedom. Diane? Thanking matt gutman once again tonight. I want to bring in abc's chief legal analyst and "nightline" anchor dan abrams. No one challenges the notion that george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. The question in this case is why and how and that allows it to go a little quicker. Let's talk about closing arguments to come. You have been saying that the prosecution has an uphill battle here. Can they ever turn the whole thing around in a closing argument? They certainly have to try and they have to focus on the human aspect of this, that it's just wrong, that this shouldn't have happened, it didn't need to happen. This is a 17-year-old walking home with skittles and an iced tea who didn't need to die. I think that's got to be the focus and the fact that they believe george zimmerman initiated the unter. So they will be arguing the human emotion in this. Does this mean the whole question of race which has been debated around this country might be introduced by them? It's certainly going to be suggested by them. They're going to use the word profile even though they're not allowed to say racially profile but there's no question there's going an an under current of racial profiling. High drama in these closing arguments.

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{"id":19632702,"title":"George Zimmerman Won't Testify at Trial","duration":"3:42","description":"Man standing trial for shooting Trayvon Martin says he will not testify in his own defense.","url":"/WNT/video/george-zimmerman-testify-trial-19632702","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}