George Zimmerman Waits for a Verdict

Zimmerman's fate is in the hands of the jury as it deliberates case.
4:01 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Waits for a Verdict
friday night. It's all in the hands of the jury. Six people deciding the truth of what happened a year and a 456 ago when george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. Those six jurors will decide the fate of him. And matt gutman is on the scene and joins us from florida. Matt? Reporter: The six female jurors, all by one. Asking for list of all the evidence anding if how series they are taking it. Tonight, zimmerman's fate is in the hands of the jury. The six female jurors -- all but one, mothers -- asking the judge late today for a list of all the evidence. The last word in the trial was from the prosecution. The living, we owe respect. To the dead, we owe the truth. Reporter: John guy, mesmerizing the jury. Voice alternately soaring, and whispering. Not being able to ask trayvon martin to step forward to put my hand on his shoulder. Man, I would love to do this. Reporter: Casting this as a historic voice. Your verdict won't change the past, but will forever define it. Reporter: Telling them zimmerman's claim of self defense is a lie, and the responsibility for the shooting began when he left his car and started following 17-year-old trayvon martin. This case isn't about stand your ground. It's about staying in your car. Reporter: Zimmerman's attorney, mark o'mara, started his closing by introducing george zimmerman. You might have an impression of him because he's sitting at the defense table. Reporter: Other than that moment, zimmerman sat pensively during the proceedings. Repeatedly wiping his brow. O'mara insisting the state offered no proof the 29-year-old former watchman murdered martin. You want to take away somebody's liberty, they got to prove their case. The burden is on the state. Reporter: Pressing the case against martin, hauling in a huge block of cement to show his client had to shoot in self defense when martin pounded his head into the pavement. That's cement. That is a sidewalk. And that is not an unarmed teenager with nothing but skittles trying to get home. Reporter: And when the jury comes back tomorrow, we are told the judge is going to give them the leeway and time they need. Now, durings they discussions and after their discussions, the jury is going to be given this, it's called a verdict form. They can fill all all the thing, second degree murder, manslaughter or a not guilty flea. Deean? So much at stake. Let's bring in "nightline" anchor dan abrams. Take us in the jury room. What do they do in a murder trail? One of two things. Either they take a vote to see where everyone stands in the outset. Or they won't and they go through the evidence to review everything and then maybe have the first vote. And how rare is it to have a jury of all one sex, male or female? It's rare to have a jury of all women. And it's rare to have a jury of six people. Florida is rare in that regard. If it's not a capital case, you can have six people in a criminal case. Do you 23w507b9 say how long it's going to take? If it's not split, I expect a verdict tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow, as soon as tomorrow? Absolutely. I think it'ses a straightforward case and you only have six jurors. Dan abrams, weighs in tonight. Thanks. The other big headline

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{"id":19653862,"title":"George Zimmerman Waits for a Verdict","duration":"4:01","description":"Zimmerman's fate is in the hands of the jury as it deliberates case.","url":"/WNT/video/george-zimmerman-waits-verdict-19653862","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}