George Zimmerman's Fate in the Hands of All Female Jury

Juror's have question regarding instructions for manslaughter charge.
4:24 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman's Fate in the Hands of All Female Jury
We do begin here with dead -- for a verdict in the George -- trial in Florida and a brand new question moments ago from that all female jury. They've now asked for clarification on instructions regarding manslaughter. That word comes just as we come on the air after images throughout the day from that corporal. This one of Zimmerman and his team just before deliberations resume this morning -- attorney smiling -- -- himself appearing less tense at least for a moment. But those jurors walked back in those smiles gone what's at stake -- Zimmerman will be locked up. Whether he'll go free after the killing of tray Bob -- Trayvon Martin's parents in the last 24 hours standing way to stoically as they have been in that courtroom every step of the way. ABC's chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams with me right here in the studio but first ABC's Matt -- live in Sanford Florida outside the courthouse for us. With breaking developments Matt good evening. Good evening David that moment you mentioned is probably the most pivotal so far in the trial the judge assembling everybody. Governments families government his lawyers trip on Martin's family in the courtroom to mention. That the jury has a question the first time we've heard from them all day regarding the -- for manslaughter in their jury instructions it's the lesser. Of two charges he could face but it still could carry. A thirty year sentence. Today George -- marched into court perhaps for the last time. Flashing a hint of confidence perhaps for the first time so different from the detached defendant of the past 25 days. In a nearby -- those six women five of the mothers deliberating. Identified to the world only by those assigned numbers and just outside the courthouse a growing protest. Now in its second day demonstrators shouting. The trial ended with the State's rebuttal prosecutor John -- The CG -- jurors to use their hearts and make as much as their heads to convict -- for shooting seventeen year old -- -- -- Responsible from the stage. Not being -- -- has -- on -- to step forward. Sort of put my hand my initial. The jurors -- -- read their instructions and began deliberating the conference were -- asking for a list of all of the evidence is -- an inventory list. Of the evidence my number and description. And remember that great for the defendant analysts aren't so sure Zimmerman should be smiling tonight. Those six women says jury consultant Susan Constantine. -- favor the prosecution. So in retrospect picking six women. Good idea bad idea an idea first off if -- on the defense. Really you're talking about a mother that lots a seventeen year old son and you're expecting they've convinced six -- -- my -- us and not have that emotional impact of I think that was a horrible decision. That a -- -- -- -- everybody back in that courtroom in just a few minutes. This is what everybody has been looking at -- to all day David this is the jury deliberation clocked a little over twelve hours it took eleven hours for a jury to acquit. Casey Anthony David twelve hours seven minutes there deliberations back up and leaving us off Matt thanks so whenever in ABC's chief legal affairs anchor. An anchor Nightline Dan Abrams Dan when that broke just before we came on that they want instructions for manslaughter again what does that tell you. I be nervous if I -- the defense because the defense believes this is an easy case that -- reasonable doubt. They made that very clear in their closing argument focusing on arguing he's actually innocent. But when you hear that the jurors want the definition of manslaughter again at the least. It means that they're taking that charge serious. And data what it reminded viewers what the jury forewoman will fill out let's take a look at home which is basically three options that entire jury -- the first -- -- second degree murder that's the most serious charge beat this could mean that they boarding pass that. We don't know for sure. The second one is manslaughter which is or -- which is considered a lesser included offense but still a very serious one. And the last one would be not guilty. And you've been telling me every step of the way here the most crucial question is whether or not -- jury believes it wasn't that self defense that's right that's what the defense has to be so fearful about here. He's date if the jurors are asking the definition of manslaughter they have to hope. That they're gonna keep in mind self defense because the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. That it wasn't self defense in the moment that George -- fired that weapon. So that's the most important point for the defense in this case Dan Abrams will be here for the verdict with a -- thank you.

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{"id":19658538,"title":"George Zimmerman's Fate in the Hands of All Female Jury","duration":"4:24","description":"Juror's have question regarding instructions for manslaughter charge.","url":"/WNT/video/george-zimmermans-fate-hands-female-jury-19658538","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}