Gingrich: Romney Could Pay Less Taxes Under My Plan

Newt Gingrich talks about the importance of South Carolina, Romney's tax rate.
0:31 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for Gingrich: Romney Could Pay Less Taxes Under My Plan
We just learned from Mitt Romney that he pays an effective tax rate of just 15%. Who did. Yes that's pretty told us effectively 50%. That's obviously a lot less than most middle income Americans paying wouldn't you think of that he told -- yes. All of us as it was in releases -- He's been released his 2011 tax return and -- Why did play that why -- the people of South Carolina deserve his respect. You saying it's not respectful to -- Anderson of people so after you get done voting tell you whether you voted. Correctly and appetite for the use of people's. Or you know it was a long -- -- many primaries. What about the fact that he did tell us the only pays 15%. Will this what he told us which -- obviously lower than what most Americans is that an issue bustling campus. It raises questions about the tax structure for people who -- in this particular businesses. That's a legitimate question I -- is enough remember I'm for zero capital gains tax might actually do better with a game. Except he -- -- -- for people about 2000. But is -- fair for someone as wealthy as Mitt Romney to pay significantly lower tax rate than most working Americans. It wouldn't look I think you've that you could lead to genuine job creation it would be fair. -- -- just leads to -- liquidation jobs justice -- -- policy on the question of fair. You want a tax policy that -- the maximum number of jobs. And -- -- America working. But that's based on real investments last. That actually create jobs strikes me that. Inch by inch he's gradually. Revealing things when it just get a room to trying to hide someone whom -- -- him. If there's nothing there release and -- there's something be released -- say the voters in South Carolina. You know release of -- both both from the unsafe but I releases later you called it him voting for the -- lost lost based on what you've seen so far. Can he beat Barack Obama can -- -- Obama think it's very hard for a moderate. To defeat Obama because I think you need space. In order to get over overcome the billion dollars needed him. I think you conservatives of this of the Reagan from the -- conservative is much more likely to you beat Obama moderate. You told me that South Carolina is a must win state success mean if you don't win you're out well I was surprised -- Karl Rove stated that affect them in a close second. On the Florida I would rather win here everything I'm doing is focused on winning here and if the conservatives come home. It's very clear that -- it wouldn't -- -- what we have four more days I wanna win. But you still consider this a must win they personally want to win -- not making any judgment beyond that we -- with the -- But I wanna win not not not want to win it's an important must -- For me personally I think we -- Everything I can that would. What did you come in second and continue hypotheticals and trying to figure out how we when he committed the attacks on Bain Capital was -- a mistake to get often -- that detour. Well I think we underestimated how much. The Obama Occupy Wall Street. -- rational discussion. Of the Ottoman instead of mystery of how can talk about. Is it fair to say. That we should be able of that nominee who should know -- means what they've done. Who should we should explore what -- plane in Saudi backed off and -- thousand dollars. -- -- and thousands would always come back to today that he can back on gas over a 100000 let them out of released documents to prove. What would mean making making up -- numbers because your consultants noses and Hannity show us of fructose diet might anybody's -- in my records public. You know I worked with Reagan -- -- sixteen million jobs nobody doubts and worked with Clinton and eleven million jobs and these are all public records. Give us some of the inaccuracies last question given some of the inaccuracies in the super -- at -- -- Baghdad. Is he owed an apology means you -- Mitt Romney an apology for what's been said about then. About as much as he owes an apology for the inaccuracies and this equipment. I've asked publicly since you can't community. This publicly that they had at the end my understanding is that -- I was actually sent a letter. The Romney campaign saying here -- the five thing verified and we'll go back and added. And that's what they should. I'm mr. speaker in winner adequate area that LSU. Thank you very much appreciate.

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{"id":15381544,"title":"Gingrich: Romney Could Pay Less Taxes Under My Plan","duration":"0:31","description":"Newt Gingrich talks about the importance of South Carolina, Romney's tax rate.","url":"/WNT/video/gingrich-romney-pay-taxes-plan-15381544","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}