Gingrich, Romney Spouses in Focus

GOP contenders' wives, Calista Gingrich and Ann Romney, hit the campaign trail.
2:24 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Gingrich, Romney Spouses in Focus
So many of you saw the matter ABC news debate over the weekend the wives of the Republican candidates in particular the -- front runners Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Sitting quietly as their husbands dueled over everything ranging from foreign policy to marital fidelity and family. So who are these women and what makes them such formidable political weapons here's ABC's -- off funds. With his poll numbers plummeting Mitt -- deploying his not so secret weapon his wife and man -- -- is. Not what you think at home he is. Mine most disobedient child a change of course from 1994. When -- Romney was mocked for telling reporters she and her husband never seriously argued. Today she plays a different. And Romney is there to show people that Mitt Romney is an actual human beaten. And does someone whose hair gets messed up sometimes. Began dating Romney in high school converted a Mormon -- and married him at age twenty. Today she often talks about the couple's unblemished 42 years of marriage. The way he stood by her during her fight with multiple sclerosis. But that's kind of got. He doesn't get up. He sticks -- you. You can trust him. Stories the draw sharp contrast to what -- didn't say is Newt Gingrich's greatest vulnerability. Marital history. At Saturday's debate he was asked about that his third wife Callista -- Donnelly. I've made mistakes at times -- had to go to god for forgiveness still Gingrich's not -- Calista in the background. He credits the savvy former hill staffer for reviving his campaign regularly bringing her up and speeches. Course tonight close and -- and I she's a French horn player who sings in the choir for Catholic Church Gingrich has since converted to catholicism as well. Couples modern marriages said to be modeled on the partnership of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. She actually describes herself as sort of being cross between Nancy Reagan Laura Bush with just a slight. Bit of Jackie Kennedy -- them. But she stayed for the most part quiet should routinely standing beside him citing her children's book but rarely publicly speaking. Two wildly different approaches from the women now described as the candidate -- running mates. -- -- -- NBC news New York.

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{"id":15149954,"title":"Gingrich, Romney Spouses in Focus","duration":"2:24","description":"GOP contenders' wives, Calista Gingrich and Ann Romney, hit the campaign trail.","url":"/WNT/video/gingrich-romney-spouses-spotlight-15149954","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}