Girl Recovering From Bubonic Plague

Little girl is saved from rare and deadly disease by quick-thinking doctors.
3:00 | 09/09/12

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Transcript for Girl Recovering From Bubonic Plague
Yet another rare disease making headlines this one straight out of the Middle Ages the case of bubonic plague ABC's -- -- -- was in Colorado tonight. Little see our Jane downing is in the hospital recovering from -- fight for life didn't want. Yeah the big -- seven year old came down with what are parents thought was flew -- a little -- -- wasn't herself. Then a seizure her breathing stopped. That of -- -- a loser. See our Jane was airlifted to the rocky mountain hospital for children in Denver -- were spiking 107. Degrees. -- -- leaving that morning. Very scared that when I came back that night that she wasn't gonna survive that's when doctors Jennifer snow and windy Drummond for clues an unusually swollen lymph node in her leg. And writes so that was my. Eureka aha moment we're not really sure how to deal then her parents remembered just days before the family had been to a campground. Sierra Jane found dead squirrel doctors suspect fleas jump from the squirrel to their young host infecting -- with bubonic plague. The same black death that killed 25 million people during the Middle Ages. But with an average of only seven US cases a year it's a disease doctors rarely see. There's a saying in Madison at issue here has basically for courses that you don't want to forget about the zebras the -- usual and common. Diseases and in this case this is a zebra and campaigning. Thanks to quick thinking and antibiotics Sierra Jane -- make a full recovery they -- -- on my lap and she just melted in -- mean she goes mommy. It feels so good to be -- and I mean I just. That was the best moment. The best. Clay to -- -- ABC news Denver. Kissed the forehead there from mom and we've learned tonight that -- Jane as well enough now that should be released from the hospital tomorrow should be able to go home.

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{"id":17197637,"title":"Girl Recovering From Bubonic Plague","duration":"3:00","description":"Little girl is saved from rare and deadly disease by quick-thinking doctors.","url":"/WNT/video/girl-recovering-bubonic-plague-17197637","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}