Girls, 12, Switched at Birth Become Friends

Hospital in Russian town mistakenly sent babies home with the wrong families.
2:30 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Girls, 12, Switched at Birth Become Friends
I'm referring to know me bring back happy members who think you'd be denied by the -- -- turned into a nightmare. She's discovered Patel 12022. In Reno the go she -- she'd given food to he's not a child. Only to watch what hit a chunk -- -- from my ex husband refused to pay maintenance stop attention to court to prove that He was -- this continent but. April 20 DNA tests -- whose house with total surprise. Did not only does my ex husband have no pilot who think too lenient. -- -- -- Police believe that twelve used to -- they've been a terrible mix of the -- maternity hospital. The two babies but be given the -- -- tax on the phone habits. Yes -- a -- from Washington good experience to North Dakota was a joke and I couldn't stop crying. Cynical world -- 10% down. If you He would be alive and be given the wrong -- -- Where was who real -- she was desperate to find out tissue into the -- and they began a search for her biological child. Within weeks it found living just a few miles away in this -- Idea and -- shop a devout Muslim. She talks her father was -- much -- content of when the police told him about the mystique of the maternity hospital. By much didn't want to leave it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The defendant. The detective showed me -- photo of the other girl being. There Monday -- wasn't a real torture. When I sort of basic it was like seeing myself. The two -- -- getting to know each other but off to a lifetime of thought it's not easy it's. Content trying to show on him more than but she doesn't expect him and bring your own don't since He -- that -- -- -- That's so painful who -- that. -- The girls say they don't want to swap parents they just happy to have found each other. Yet with -- -- and his leaflets and we repeat chayet first in recess but would now the best of friends. They -- -- fifteen minutes apart. Now the truth about what happened in hospital has put them together. Steve Rosenberg BBC news -- --

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{"id":14803316,"title":"Girls, 12, Switched at Birth Become Friends","duration":"2:30","description":"Hospital in Russian town mistakenly sent babies home with the wrong families.","url":"/WNT/video/girls-12-switched-birth-friends-14803316","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}