Global Backlash: Royal Phone Prank

An emerging face-off between the hospital and the radio station.
2:16 | 12/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Global Backlash: Royal Phone Prank
Now to the backlash across the globe over that prank call to the london hospital where kate middleton was staying and the suicide of the nurse who fell for the prank, patching the call through. Tonight, we're learning more about the news, and the new face-off between the hospital and the radio station. Did they break the law? Jeffrey kofman in london tonight. Jeffrey? Reporter: Good evening, david. We're seeing a global black lash against the two australian deejays and the radio station. Today, this hospital a victim of the prank joined in the condemnation. The radio dejays may have thought this was an innocent joke. No one is laughing now. May I speak to kate please. My granddaughter. Oh, yes, hold on, ma'am. Reporter: We now know that was the nurse, jacintha saldanha. She really believed it was the queen calling to inquire about the health of the duchess of came bridge. The nurse, a mother of two, appears to have killed herself. The deejays have been taken off the air. The boss says they're deeply shocked. He refuses to condemn them or fire them. This is a tragic event that could not have been foreseen. We're deeply saddened by it. Reporter: The two presenters are being vilified in an avalanche of anger on the internet. Don't suppose that prank seems so noneny -- funny now, does it? Today, the chairman of king edward vii hospital sent a stinging public letter to the owners. This hospital cares for sick people and it was extremely foolish of your presenters even to consider to lie their way through to a patient. The consequence, tragic beyond words. The nurse, known to friends as jess, had been working there for four years. She is originally from india. On facebook, her husband said she will be buried in india. Tonight, attending a charity function on his own, prince william did not mention the hoax or the tragedy that has followed. The hospital has been advised that the australian broadcasters may have broken the law. The station owners say that's not true. But it's clear. They're under siege. Faced with a mounting boycott by advertisers, management has decided to pull all ads from the station until further notice.

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{"id":17914888,"title":"Global Backlash: Royal Phone Prank","duration":"2:16","description":"An emerging face-off between the hospital and the radio station.","url":"/WNT/video/global-backlash-royal-phone-prank-17914888","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}