Gold Medalist Missy Franklin Competes in High School

David Wright reports Olympic swimmer's return to student swim meets.
1:57 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gold Medalist Missy Franklin Competes in High School
know the days you just can't catch a break? Let's say you're a teenager swimming in a high school meet and you look up and in walks an olympic gold medalist to compete against you. Well, it's what happened in colorado. Here's abc's david wright. Take your marks. Reporter: Imagine having to face the best female swimmer in the world. Not at the olympics, but at a high school swim meet. Missy the missile franklin has four god meldals, plus a bronze. But she's a senior at regis jesuit high school in aurora, colorado, just 17 years old, entitled to compete on the varsity swim team. At 6'1", she towers over her teammates, the raiders. This was her first varsity swim meet since the london games, and she was up past midnight the night before, attending a justin bieber concert. Her gold medal, a backstage pass to meet the teen heartthrob. Morning practice after the bieber concert was not fun. At all. I've been so tired all day. Reporter: Franklin worried she might not be at her best. I was so nervous and I love that. I still get so excited to get in the pool every single time. Reporter: No chance of that. In the 500 yards, she lapped all but one swimmer. In the 200 yards, she won by 20 seconds. Today we reached the coach of the falcons, the team she blew out of the water. Do you think it's fair she's competing on the high school level? I think it's very great. Missy franklin is such a great role model for the swimmers, they look up to her. They were so excited for the meet. Reporter: The closest many of these girls will come to olympic glory. David wright, abc news, los angeles. And did you know she's so excited, she gets up at 4:45 a.M. Every day to practice. And tweeted a picture of the pool, saying, "sometimes we complain, but there's something beautiful about waking up before everyone to get better at what we love."

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{"id":18175210,"title":"Gold Medalist Missy Franklin Competes in High School","duration":"1:57","description":"David Wright reports Olympic swimmer's return to student swim meets.","url":"/WNT/video/gold-medalist-missy-franklin-competes-high-school-18175210","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}