Good Samaritans Stop Reckless Drivers

Sean French says he stopped a man who was driving recklessly with children in the car.
1:11 | 09/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Good Samaritans Stop Reckless Drivers
Next tonight to Ohio and the case of a father driving erratically police say, and the good samaritans who jumped in to save his baby. ABC's Clayton Sandell tonight with police and their new warning. Dude, get out of the car. Reporter: Sean French says he had to do something. I got his keys. Reporter: Snatching the keys from a driver he says was dangerously erratic, scraping walls on this Ohio freeway at 80 miles an hour. He's got a kid in the car. Reporter: With a child in the back seat. I was very upset. I have two kids of my own and I would never put them in that kind of situation. Reporter: French pulls the man over and keeps him from leaving. There she goes! Reporter: Just like this driver last week -- Stop the car! Reporter: Stopping a woman swerving off the road. Both have been hailed as good samaritan heroes, but police warn it's dangerous. Taking matters into your own hands is almost never ever recommended. You don't know how aggressively they're going to be against somebody they may feel is a threat to them. Reporter: That Ohio driver charged with losing control of a vehicle and child endangerment. Give me your phone, man, I'm gonna call your wife. Reporter: French says he'd do it all over again. I'm still shaken over it. Reporter: Clayton Sandell, ABC news, Denver.

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{"duration":"1:11","description":"Sean French says he stopped a man who was driving recklessly with children in the car. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33524484","title":"Good Samaritans Stop Reckless Drivers","url":"/WNT/video/good-samaritans-stop-reckless-drivers-33524484"}