Saying Goodbye to Hollywood's Sweetheart Shirley Temple Black

Tributes pour in as the pint-sized girl who lifted our spirits with her smile and spunk is remembered.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Saying Goodbye to Hollywood's Sweetheart Shirley Temple Black
And all day long h-contributes pouring in for Shirley temple black. Flowers honoring a pint-sized little girl who lifted America's spirits with ringlets, dimples and a smile packed with joy. ♪ On the good ship lollipop ♪ ♪ it's a sweet trip to the candy shop ♪ 15 stars roles by the time she was 10 and happily ever after because she really could dance, and she really could act. Grandfather, I'll never see you again. Reporter: And she really could sing ♪ polywally doodle all day ♪ Reporter: She was the biggest star, period. Photographed more than fdr. She always played a kid who figured out who she was. Wiser in her way than the grownups around her. Her scenes with Bo jangles Robinson have been described as the first time Hollywood was willing to put two races on the screen while letting their fingers touch. We would hold hands and I would be able to do the steps with him. It was kind of magic. Reporter: And then it was over. Her later films stopped pulling the audience. The little girlness was gone and most of the money, too, as she revealed years later in a rare interview on the bbc. Out of the 3 million $33,200,000 that I ended from everything. Doll sales, bocks, so forth, I had $40,000 left in a trust account. Rather than crash she figured out who she was H in part two of her life. A wife and mother. Then a surprising part three. Emulating this well-known actor friend, she turned to public service, including during the middle of a democratic revolution serving as U.S. Ambassador to check slzechoslovakia. But she underwent a mastectomy. She encouraged others to seek treatment rather than sit home and be afraid. Which saved her life. As for her life, 85 years of it. From this -- Thank you very much. Mommy, can I go home now? To this -- Thanks for the industry for helping me to have an enchanted and very busy childhood. Reporter: It was three great acts plus happily ever after for real. John donvan, ABC news, Washington. Of all her roles she said the greatest was wife, mother and grandmother.

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{"id":22472255,"title":"Saying Goodbye to Hollywood's Sweetheart Shirley Temple Black","duration":"3:00","description":"Tributes pour in as the pint-sized girl who lifted our spirits with her smile and spunk is remembered.","url":"/WNT/video/goodbye-hollywoods-sweetheart-shirley-temple-black-22472255","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}