Goodbye Summer, It's Time to Go Back to School

Millions of kids head back to school: Hear what some had to say about it.
1:44 | 09/01/14

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Transcript for Goodbye Summer, It's Time to Go Back to School
Finally tonight here, I still remember my first day of kindergarten, pulling up on the school bus. Everyone else getting off and then I turned to the bus driver and said, this isn't for me. She still got me off that bus. Somehow the kindergartners of today seem a lot more confident. Just listen to what they're most excited about tonight. Hi David. Hi David. Hi David. I'm a first grader. Whoo. Reporter: We started out today with a simple question on Twitter. Are your children excited for the first day of school? Some of them most excited about their backpack. I have a star wars backpack. Reporter: Iz bell with her backpack, still waiting for her teeth tonight. There was Dalia who is not entirely ready. As you can see, I love sparkles and I need to get new shoes. Reporter: And we love Jonah, future astronaut. I can't wait to go to kindergarten. This is my pants. This is my sweater. This is my backpack. And this is my water bottle. Ta-da. Reporter: Joe Na is not alone. 3.7 million kindergartners going to public school this year. Start saving for college. He's graduating in the year 2027. That means 2,340 school days. Then Julia, Rochester, New York, at the end of the day where she'll be tomorrow morning. I wait for my bus. Reporter: We haven't forgotten all those pre-ks getting started, too. Listen to how Evan answered this. Are you excited? Are you happy? Sure. The future tonight.

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{"id":25208637,"title":"Goodbye Summer, It's Time to Go Back to School","duration":"1:44","description":"Millions of kids head back to school: Hear what some had to say about it.","url":"/WNT/video/goodbye-summer-time-back-school-25208637","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}