GOP Candidates' Wives

Republican presidential hopefuls deploy their spouses on the campaign trail.
2:23 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for GOP Candidates' Wives
Voice your vote and the 2012 election because tonight the Republican race is heating up. Forcing the contenders to deploy every weapon in their arsenals including. Their spouses. Could they make or break the race ABC -- -- funding now on the women behind the front running candidate speaking out tonight. They might. We welcome sweetheart. My best friend of the finest human being I've ever known but privately they're often called the secret weapon -- And now the candidates' wives are being deployed when I -- 999. I want to call 911. With Rick Perry singing in the polls his way to meet is come out swinging this week. Saying her husband's been brutalized because of his strong faith I think the debates have been unfair. I think he's been the recipient. Aerospace and Romney he's been a constant on the campaign trail and they say don't pick -- That's they -- stupid mistake not mind talking candidly about how Mitt helped her fight multiple sclerosis. Is that I don't care what you can't dinner table. I don't care. Techniques and toast and cereal for the rest of my life. But yes we can still do anything you'll be okay. Story's enduring huge asset for her husband who's often accused of being -- We the voters look to a candidate and say how good is his or her decision making. And one of the snap judgments -- we make is about the spouse that He -- she chooses. Normally friendly spouses can bring friendly trash. You can -- promoting her children's books and Jon Huntsman his wife on the view. About seven children only wanna not let us like campaigning let all these kids enjoy saying it's a -- it -- right. So far camera shy Rick santorum's wife Karen Ron Paul's wife Carol a spokesman says she -- campaign with them because the house pulls apart without her. And perhaps the biggest mystery of all -- McCain's -- Gloria. You will be seeing her but not on a regular basis because this is very demand and as you would imagine I can tell you one thing about my wife for three years. She is 200% behind me He says she doesn't like the spotlight with Iowa Caucuses around the corner He just might be forced into it. -- -- -- ABC news New York.

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{"id":14741850,"title":"GOP Candidates' Wives","duration":"2:23","description":"Republican presidential hopefuls deploy their spouses on the campaign trail.","url":"/WNT/video/gop-candidates-wives-14741850","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}